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Seattle Strains Sewing

Last week I told you I was working on two dresses and I really was, really I was, but then my dh planned this trip to Seattle with some friends and so obviously I had to leave the sewing machine behind.

My dh’s friend had got tickets to the Seattle Seahawks game for free. So he and his wife invited us to go with them. We headed up on Saturday afternoon to their house in Olympia and had a tour around town and then came back to their house for this lovely, fresh, dinner and entertaining conversation. They were great hosts and it was a lovely night.


Yep here we are and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

The next day we headed up to the football game and ended up being a bit late so the guys dropped us gals off to go get our seats. Let me just say that I have never been to a football game before. Never, ever! So as we head up to our seats way up there, all I could see was a sea of blue. These Seattle Seahawks fans really do love their team. It was a bit scary because the friends we were with were rooting for the Chicago Bears. I kept telling my dh to stop because I didn’t want to get beat up or thrown out. Well we made it out with our lives and the Chicago Bears won which made our friends very happy. But the best part was when my husband patiently would tell me what every single term or play meant. Poor guy was constantly answering my questions “why did they do that?”, “why is that guy throwing flags around?”, and “when is that drunk guy behind me gonna stop yelling at the poor old sweater vest lady?”. Yep that was what it looked like. And the people were so drunk and friendly all around us(as long as they didn’t know you were rooting for the bears) that they would turn around and scream in your face and high five you. It was funny! We had a great time! Thanks Bo!


This was from our seats - can you see the space needle and Puget Sound?


Packed out game

Now its back to work and back to sewing. I promise this week you will get to see some of those dresses I am working on. Stay tuned.


Usually you see this kind of line in front of the womens restroom.