Water Taxi’s and Parasites

Today I woke up very sick, I will leave the details out and let you look up Giardiasis for yourself. Let’s just say I may have slowed down our trip a bit. I have med’s and should be feeling better tomorrow.
In other notes, we took a water taxi across the Inhambane bay. It was a bit rocky and in my current condition, it was not so comfy. I am not a fan of small boats, especially when you see them bailing water out of the boat. I am alive to tell about it and only have to make one more trip back across tomorrow.



Even the Tortoise’s Want to Come in from the Heat

It has been in the 90’s for a couple weeks now, with high humidity. My daughter has 2 pet tortoises and with warmer weather the tortoises start to move about, moving through the yard, up steps and down steps and just yesterday I found one of the tortoises in the pantry. Our house help was hanging clothes on the line and left the door to the kitchen open, the tortoise decided to come on in. Today he was knocking his shell up against the front door. They really are a lot of fun to watch. So I grabbed my camera to get a photo but he was on the move again and this is what I saw. Poor guy was trying to get up the step.

Notice the hole in his shell? Someone drilled a hole in his shell so that he wouldn’t run away.

We don’t tie him up but I could see how he could get away easily if we didn’t have a gated yard.

Traveling through Mozambique

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a two week adventure of traveling up to northern Mozambique with my husband. I am a little nervous as the comforts of home will be very far away and this body of mine is a very delicate eco-system. I need my sleep, food(including veggies) and dessert to make for a good day. As you move outside of the city of Maputo you go into the bush where, most people say, “the real Mozambique exists”, where you have to wear skirts, no sleeveless shirts, a lot of times no electricity at nights and where the heat and humidity is way beyond anything most people have ever experienced before.

My posts wont be so frequent in the next two weeks, but I will try to put some photos up of the happenings while traveling through Mozambique.

DIY Bunting Flag Canvas Art

I love this idea of bunting flags on canvas but my first attempt was not up to par(as you will see below). I am making this for a my great niece and want it to look superb! So I will try it for a second time, and will not drawing the string on but glue actual string on. If you have a steady hand and a great permanent marker y0u will probably do fine.

This was my inspiration:

Thank you to House Pretty!

Start with a plain canvas and cut out some bunting flags from paper.

Arrange the flags where you want them and then draw a line on the canvas with a pencil.

Mod podge the flags to the canvas using your line as a guide.

Draw a line with a permanent marker.

And your done!

 Its such a cute idea for baby rooms!

DIY Cereal Box Gift Tags/Ornaments

As you know recycling here is, well, not as popular as in Oregon where I am from. I cringe at the thought of throwing all these items that could be recycled in the trash. So I have come up with another way to use that trash.

I saw initial ornaments/ gift tags on pintrest and came up with my own version.

Open up your cereal box.

Trace your letters onto the inside of the box.

Cut out your letters.

Modpodge or glue old book pages or craft paper onto each letter.

Decorate with glitter and punch a hole in the top.

Add a star or other shape if you want.

Its that simple! Enjoy!

Easy DIY Map Art

I love how simple this was. I just cut the shape of Africa out of a map and put that onto some cardstock for the background and stuck it in an old frame. If you want you can add some black paint to the edges with a sponge like I did to add some depth.


Give it a try with your state, the USA or another country you have fondness for.

Have a lovely weekend!

Simple Capalana Napkins

Yep I made these, not perfectly square by any means but I love the colors and pattern from the capalana that I used.

These were really easy, just two square pieces of fabric sewed right sides together and then turned right side out and sewed around the edge with a simple stitch. You could use a zig zag stitch and that would look nice, but I prefer the simple.

DIY Slash Sleeve Tee

I was watching a program with my daughter and one of the characters on the show had a tee with slashed sleeves. I loved the look so I tried it out on one of my own tee’s.


1. Cut the sleeve at a diagonal.

2. Start cutting slits in the sleeve.

3. Hand sew a piece of elastic down the center of the slits.