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Vintage Fabric Ruffle Bib Necklace

Last week my mom gave me a box full of vintage fabric scraps. She didn’t realize how much I would love those scraps, in fact she told me if I didn’t want them I could just toss them in the dumpster. I tried to explain that these scraps are too beautiful to be dumped in a dumpster. I spent a day machine and hand sewing 30 flowers from the scraps. They make the most beautiful fabric flowers. When I called to tell my mom thank you, I asked her where the scraps were from and she said they were my Grandmothers, which makes them even more special to me. I am excited to make a special broach for each of my sisters for Christmas out of our Grandma’s fabric.

This bib necklace connects near the flowers with a vintage button and loop. I gathered fabric for a ruffle and backed it with some velvet so its soft against your skin and attached rhinestones to the ruffle for some sparkle. The 3 flowers have a piece of flowered lace behind them.

What are your thoughts?

Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique Portland, Oregon

I have driven by, walked by, peered in but never actually been in the glamorous Xtabay Vintage boutique. I am always amazed at whats in the window but I am either there too early in the day or too late in the evening. My daughters and I are so excited because finally this week we will make our way to this shop between the hours of 12-6.

I often wonder where they get their clothes because they really are gorgeous and as they say, they are “Portland’s premier destination for glamorous vintage clothing and accessories since 2001.”

If you are ever in the area of Xtabay on Clinton St make a point of stopping in, if you are out of the state, make sure and scroll down through the photos on the blog, you will fall in love with some dress I am sure and they say they will ship.

Here are a few photos of dresses from their shop that I love:

Click here if you want to check out their blog.

Bib Necklaces

I was asked to make some bib necklaces for the holidays, so I have been searching through the different bib necklaces online to get an idea of how I want mine to look. I have a lot of loose beads, rhinestones and vintage metal pieces and I am excited to work them together.

Here are a few of the bib necklaces I found that I like…now its time to put these ideas together and see what I come up with.

What do you think?

Haberdash Vintage

I was google searching fall styles the other day and ran across Punky Style. She is a lady after my own heart! “She has a serious addiction to all things vintage, antique and old and odd in general.” What struck me the most was her ability to make a store out of a cute tiny vintage trailer.

Isn’t this the cutest idea? How much fun would it be to shop at this mobile store? I love it!

Read below for how Punky came up with the idea….

“Quoted from Pulse Magazines People To Watch In 2010″

“The idea for the store came in February 2009 when I was outgrowing my vintage storage,” Punky explained. “I really wanted to open a brick and mortar, but I couldn’t find anything unique, or really worth putting money into.”

While joking around one night she came up with the idea of selling vintage on the road. At first it seemed a little far-fetched, but never one to let a little challenge hold her back, Punky immediately began scouring eBay and the Want Ads for vintage trailers.

“Once I found the perfect vintage trailer it took me a few weeks of begging to get the classic car collector to sell it to me,” she said. “As soon as it was delivered I began working on redesigning the interior to work for a shop.”

Her 1954 Bellwood trailer became the Haberdash, her traveling vintage shop, and since its grand opening in June it has made its way to numerous markets, fairs, and private parties. Due to such a high demand, Punky has also developed the Haberdash website where fashion junkies near and far will be able to get their hands on her unique finds.

Vintage Embroidered Pillow

I fell in love with this pillow the instant I saw it. I have no idea why someone would give it away.

The back is this beautiful lime green velvet.

Someone took some time embroidering this. It reminds me of the colorful stitches that the Mozambican woman would learn in their sewing classes. I love work like this.

Do you embroider? Is it easy? I have always wanted to try it but never gave myself the opportunity.

Wrist Corsages with Vintage Jewels

I have been having fun making these wrist corsages. Its fun coming up with something so delicate and dainty. Its not the easiest to get on by yourself because they tie on your wrist but I find that’s what makes it them so feminine.

And adding a little vintage jewels here and there make these the perfect dinner out or party accessory.

Hope y’all have a great day!

Cowgirl Cash in Bend, Oregon

Last week I visited Sunriver with my daughters. It was a nice get away, thank goodness for great friends who let us use their Sunriver home for free.

One of the days we were there we drove into Bend to look around and we found two great resale shops. One was Kaleidoscope, a resale shop with a large variety of nice clothes and a great collection of crafts from local artists.

Another shop we found was Cowgirl Cash, which is a shop full of vintage and pre-enjoyed cowboy boots. If you love cowboy boots, this is the place to check out. When we walked up they had two little baskets outside the door with items that had been marked down to $10.

I found this cute little dress, complete with pockets and sweet flower detail.

So the next time you are in central Oregon, check out the resale shops in Bend. You are sure to find something you love.

Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress Revamped

I had to do it, I know some said not to but I had to. I posted last week about this beautiful Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress I found, I wasn’t sure what I should do with it. Someone left a comment, thank you Michaelann, that if I don’t do anything to it, will I wear it or get use out of it? And thinking about that question I thought, No, I probably would never wear it as is, so I decided to shorten it and take off the sleeves and I love it now. This was the dress I wore to my nieces wedding last Saturday.

Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress

I found this dress at the goodwill outlets and googled the description and found that this dress is a vintage crocheted Mexican wedding dress. I love the detail on this dress but would love to turn this into a summer sundress. I am not sure if I should attempt cutting this up or not. What do you think?