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DIY: Embellish your Headband

Headband’s are so easy to embellish. All you need is lace, beads, or scrap material. I usually buy my headband’s in packs of 3 or 4 from Target for under a $1 a piece.

What you need:

Headband, scrap material, embellishment of choice, & a hot glue gun.

On this headband I used two pieces of scrap material, one piece of tulle with gold specks and one piece of black material.

Using a wide stitch, gather your material. The black material gradually gets smaller at each end.

After hot gluing the fabric scraps to the headband(usually more to one side), use whatever embellishment you would like. I used this broach, but you can use beads, or earrings with the backs cut off, sparkly fabric, the choice is yours.

DIY: Give those Old Beads some Oomph!

I found this strand of red beads at the Goodwill and after finding the coat buttons with chains at the estate sale last weekend I decided to see what they would look like together.

I really like how it turned out, kind of reminds me of something that would be on a marching band or military jacket.

This was super easy, I just used my jewelry pliers and opened up the link and clasped it between two big red beads and then attached another link to the button and chain at desired length apart and clasped it between two more red beads. For the second one, clasp the button between the first two buttons and then at about the same distance apart as the first set clasp the second button. I love it! All this for around .50 cents.

DIY: Adding Ruffles to Your Tank

I had some extra time on my hands and decided to make this tank a little more feminine and fun. Ok well maybe I didn’t have extra time on my hands but I really wanted to add something to this tank. I never wear it and so I asked myself why, and the only thing I could figure was that it was just so blah.

Adding ruffles is so easy, I used two scraps of fabric and lace that had been cut off a dress I was making… I love it when I find something to do with scraps.

Directions: All you need is a sewing machine and scrap fabric. Using a longer stitch, stitch all the way down the middle of the scrap fabric, pull one thread from each side, making the scrap gather equally throughout the piece of scrap fabric. Do this with both pieces of scrap if you are using two pieces. Layer on top of each other and sew onto your tank. I started a little in the back so it went all the way over the shoulder and down to under the armpit.



Fabric Rose Necklace

I have never added fabric roses or fabric flowers of any kind to a necklace. This was my first try at this. I found this necklace in that lot of jewelry and made these flowers from a shirt and stuffed them in the circle to see what they would look like and I liked it, so I glued a black round piece of velvet on the backs and I was done.

Happy 4th of July & a Necklace

This morning as I was getting dressed I decided to wear one of my newest creations. I had a t-shirt and skirt on and when I walked into the bathroom my husband said “oh your going to dress up?”. I had a t-shirt on, apparently the necklace made it all look a lot nicer than it was.

I found some great bundles of jewelry the last time I was at the Goodwill and started putting things together to get this creation. This necklace has 5 different parts of necklaces put together.

Happy 4th of July! I hope you enjoy a great day with family and friends!

Easy DIY Rope Necklace w/ Curtain Tiebacks

I saw this a while back on love Maegan and wanted to make one and so I have been keeping my eyes out for these curtain tiebacks. I was worried at first because the kind I found at the goodwill were with tassels, but fortunately when you take the tassel off they are just plain tiebacks. So lets get started.

You will need two curtain tiebacks and ribbon.

1. If your tiebacks have tassels, take them off. If not skip this step.

2. Loop them together like this.

3. Knot together, pull tight.

4. Using ribbon of your choice, pull it through the 4 loops and tie in a bow.

Super easy and super cute. Check out love Meagan’s two tone version here.

Satin Bow Tie Recycled Necklace

I finished another recycled necklace. If you have ever worked with jewelry you know that you have to have the right tools to take apart or add to jewelry, believe me I tried with regular pliers and it did not work. So I bought a five piece set of small jewelry pliers that have been so nice to work with and made this process of jewelry making so much easier.

Here is my latest necklace. This one I used a satin bow from a ballet dress I found at the goodwill, and all the necklaces were re-purposed and put together from old jewelry I bought in a lot from the thrift store.

The little jewels I used at the top are actually earrings that I poked through and bent the posts to cover where I sewed the satin ribbon on. I love how it turned out and I wore this last night and it was totally comfortable.

DIY Flower Headband

Tools: Fabric or ribbon of choice, glue gun, headband.

1. Make a flower, using the tutorials here or here. I used the flip flop flower tutorial.

2. Cut out a piece of coordinating fabric in a circle for the back. Its best to use fray check on the edges to keep them from fraying or coming apart.

3. Hot glue the flower onto the side of the headband.

5. Hot glue the coordinating fabric to the back of the flower. Making sure to cover the threaded seams completely.

And you are finished!