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Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique Portland, Oregon

I have driven by, walked by, peered in but never actually been in the glamorous Xtabay Vintage boutique. I am always amazed at whats in the window but I am either there too early in the day or too late in the evening. My daughters and I are so excited because finally this week we will make our way to this shop between the hours of 12-6.

I often wonder where they get their clothes because they really are gorgeous and as they say, they are “Portland’s premier destination for glamorous vintage clothing and accessories since 2001.”

If you are ever in the area of Xtabay on Clinton St make a point of stopping in, if you are out of the state, make sure and scroll down through the photos on the blog, you will fall in love with some dress I am sure and they say they will ship.

Here are a few photos of dresses from their shop that I love:

Click here if you want to check out their blog.

Haberdash Vintage

I was google searching fall styles the other day and ran across Punky Style. She is a lady after my own heart! “She has a serious addiction to all things vintage, antique and old and odd in general.” What struck me the most was her ability to make a store out of a cute tiny vintage trailer.

Isn’t this the cutest idea? How much fun would it be to shop at this mobile store? I love it!

Read below for how Punky came up with the idea….

“Quoted from Pulse Magazines People To Watch In 2010″

“The idea for the store came in February 2009 when I was outgrowing my vintage storage,” Punky explained. “I really wanted to open a brick and mortar, but I couldn’t find anything unique, or really worth putting money into.”

While joking around one night she came up with the idea of selling vintage on the road. At first it seemed a little far-fetched, but never one to let a little challenge hold her back, Punky immediately began scouring eBay and the Want Ads for vintage trailers.

“Once I found the perfect vintage trailer it took me a few weeks of begging to get the classic car collector to sell it to me,” she said. “As soon as it was delivered I began working on redesigning the interior to work for a shop.”

Her 1954 Bellwood trailer became the Haberdash, her traveling vintage shop, and since its grand opening in June it has made its way to numerous markets, fairs, and private parties. Due to such a high demand, Punky has also developed the Haberdash website where fashion junkies near and far will be able to get their hands on her unique finds.

My Latest Thirft Finds

My friend asked if I wanted to hit the bins with her last night. I was so excited, cause its been a while and she is the only person I know that can dig through those bins with such force and reckless abandon as me.  We did a great job and left with 26 lbs of stuff(or crap as some like to say).

Here are a few of the things I found that I am excited about.


The mint green flower material is going to be used for more of those Christmas Tree ornaments but these ones will be year round trees. The frame is for my cork pin board that I am excited to make.


This vintage pillow case is so feminine and dainty, it was finished but never used, still has the dark marks where they sewed and was never washed. I absolutely love it!


The ribbon is just great for any use. I am sure it will be used for gift wrapping.

Friends and Thrift Store Finds

Lately when I arrive home after work I find my daughter sitting on the couch watching Friends. I love to sit and watch Friends with my girls but sometimes I think we may watch the show a bit too much. For example on Sunday we were sitting at a restaurant eating lunch and our 12 year old asks; “What does a restraining order mean?” My husband and I look at each other, wondering where she heard this word, so I asked, “Why are you asking?” and her reply, “well remember when Phoebe gets a restraining order?”. We started laughing. Or another good one would be when she told us; “I had a dream and Joey and Chandler were in it”. See my dilemma?

So yesterday, I arrived home to find my little girl watching Friends again, I told her that I was going to the thrift store and asked her if she wanted to join me, in which she responded with a big NO. So I told her to get her homework done while I was gone and went on my way. Her last words were, “even though I am not going with you, you will find stuff for me too, right?” Funny girl.

I had a purpose for going to the thrift store, I was looking for certain items, but did not find a single thing on my list, but I did find some things that I am sure I needed.


I love this old Pepsi crate, not sure what I will do with it yet.


These mugs say England 1973, they would make a great Christmas gift with coffee.


Just another fun mug.

I did end up with some great clothes too, but will have to model those for you at a later date. Enjoy!

Todays Thrift Store Finds

I did a little shopping today at my favorite thrift store – the Red, White & Blue Thrift Store in Gladstone, Oregon. After a nice lunch with my mom, I decided I would stop by the Red, White & Blue to see what I could find. They have the best deals in thrift shopping with specials for everyone everyday. And apparently on Wednesdays its Senior Citizen day and they get 50% off everything. I was so bummed when I heard that because I had just dropped my mother off at her house. But it didn’t stop me from finding some great deals without the discount.


Stretchy strapless number from Express - even the umbrella was found at a thrift store.


Just thought the way the sun made those spots on the lens looked cool and it really was raining.

Happy National Thirft Shop Day


Today is National Thrift Shop Day! I hope you all can take a trip, even if its a quick one, to your local thrift shop and check out their specials in honor of National Thrift Shop Day. I have a pretty busy day but I am hoping I can do a quick 10 minute stop by at the Lil’ Gypsy down the street. Ok scratch that idea, they are closed on Mondays. I will have to see if they have anything going on at the Goodwill near our house.

Happy Hunting! And tomorrow you will finally get to see some finished dresses!

Eating My Way Down Alberta St. Portland, Or

Every few weeks(as you may or may not know) my family along with some friends, like to make a trip to some of our favorite restaurants/shops on Alberta St.

This time we tried something new – The Grilled Cheese Grill – where I tried the BABS, which is Bacon, Apple, Blue Cheese, Swiss on Rye. It was delicious! You can eat in the bus or out under the umbrellas.


We also made a stop at Swoon(the used, vintage shop) again to see what great deals she had, but I didn’t buy anything this time. I couldn’t find anything I couldn’t live without. But I did get a great shot of my daughter and her friend with these vintage hats on. Of course my daughters little prairie hat is upside down but she clearly doesn’t care.


While in the shop we talked a bit to the shop owner and she was saying how she no longer will buy anything from outside the U.S. and is trying to stay local. It excites me when I see people who are making changes that clearly help the environment.

We also made a stop at the Halibuts, then La Sirenita, Random Order, for pie of course, and then Bernies Southern Bistro, which we were pleasantly surprised when they had a happy hour, where all the food was only $3. And the atmosphere cannot be beat, sitting on the back patio with shaded trees and with the temperature like it was Saturday made it feel like we had left Portland and transported into the warm balmy south.


This is my mac n cheese and Banana’s Foster Bread Pudding. Amazing to say the least! And yes I was eating them at the same time.

Buffalo Exchange

home_01One of my favorite stores to visit in Portland is Buffalo Exchange. I always seem to find way too many clothes that I want to take home and have a hard time leaving anything behind.

This summer the fam is taking a ‘little’ vacation down to San Francisco. I am looking forward to spending some family time together. The ride down will be, I am sure, very interesting, if not a bit much at times. But thats whats so fun about a road trip…family fun and fighting all in one.

So to get ready for our trip, my daughters and I are planning to take some of our old, tired clothing up to Buffalo Exchange to see if we can make some spending money for our vacation. Hopefully I can stick with the goal of making money and not spending money while I am there.

Uh-oh, did you know they have 3 Buffalo Exchange stores in San Francsco? My poor hubby, yep we will be stopping by one of them while we are there. 🙂