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The Challenge: Flip Flop Flowers

My friend who claims she has no ability to craft or make or sew, has asked me to make a flower for her flip flops. The flip flops came with a little something in the top but they fell out and so she has asked if I will add a little flower or something cute to the tops of them. She even gave me part of an old Bandanna she was throwing out for the flowers. Not sure what I will come up with but I am looking forward to doing something creative… its been a long time.

Recycled Paper Christmas Tree

I love it when I can make something that is completely recycled. This little tabletop Christmas tree is one of those projects.

If you have an old book or newspaper laying around that has those lovely yellowed aged pages, this would be the perfect project to use them on.


~Old frozen pizza box or cereal box

~Old newspaper or book

~Glue gun


~Optional – Glitter & Scrapbook supplies

1.Roll your frozen pizza or cereal box into a cone. I glued the edge down and then stapled them at top and bottom to stay.

2. Pull out two pages from a book and fold in half. My pages measured 6X10.

3. Tear the page in half.

4. Lay the two pieces on top of each other and fold in half.

5. Cut into the open side of the papers, making sure not to go all the way through the paper. Then bend the folded side in about a 1/4.

6. Crumple the ends, scrunching all the way down. I made a whole bunch before I started gluing.

7. Starting at the bottom, start hot gluing the paper onto the cone.

8. Continue glue pieces all the way, winding as you go.

9. Finish the end at the top, making sure to cover the cone completely.

10. Make the top of the tree by using another strip of cut paper and rolling it into itself.

11. Add glue to the top and insert inside the hole.

12. Decorate and your done!


DIY – 5 Minute Napkin Wine Bag

This is so simple and fast, under 5 minutes. You can use this for your wine or sparkling cider.

Great way to wrap up the gift of drink this Christmas!

Supplies: Ribbon and Cloth Napkin(I find single cloth napkins at the thrift stores for pennies)

1. Fold the napkin in half, right sides together. 2. Pin the ribbon onto the side, making sure to have the ribbon ends on the inside of the bag. 3. Sew all the way down the bag and around the bottom, leaving the top open.

And there you have it! Super easy and super cheap!

You can stop there or you can take it a step further and use some chalk board paint and do what I did below.

Use a template, oval would be better, but I didn’t have one.

Using chalkboard paint, paint in the template of choice.

Let dry and its ready to write on.

Flowers and Lace Bracelet

I love the library, not sure why, maybe the relaxed-ness(is that even a word?) of it all. About every 3 weeks when my daughters books are due we take a trip to the library, I usually sit reading and looking through magazines for ideas and of course to find out about the latest makeup and best skin care for my skin. Tuesday night we got to take a trip to the Library and I found this add, where the lady was wearing a bracelet and necklace(she was wearing it as a belt) and I loved the flowers and lace. So I got the name of the company that made the jewelry, Marquis & Camus, and went home and had a look online. They have an eclectic array of beautiful yet fun jewelry.

You can click here to see their bracelet that I made mine after.

As I laid in bed, awake again, I remembered this gold chain belt my friend was getting rid of and asked if I wanted, I love it as a belt but thought it would look great as a bracelet, so I did just that, I took it apart and put it back together as a bracelet and as they say, the rest is history.

Turn that Silk Tie into a Headband

I wasn’t looking to do anything with a silk tie but when I saw the colors of this old tie I had the idea to cut it up and see what kind of bow I could make out of it for a headband. Some say the bow is a bit big but the colors are perfect for fall.

This was fairly simple. I just tried it out and didn’t measure so I don’t have a tutorial but I will be doing this again so check back.

What do you think?

DIY Bottle Cap Ponytail Holder

I have had all these bottle caps laying around and yesterday day it dawned on me to try them out as ponytail holders. I had been looking at the cute vintage button bobby pins that have been covered with fabric and I looked at the bottle caps and wondered if I could do the same thing and well the answer is YES! And I hope you try this one, they would be great for stocking stuffers. I know its a bit early but with school starting today, it always gets me thinking about Christmas gifts.

Materials Needed:

  • Button
  • Bottle Cap
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Ponytail Holder
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue

1. Cut out a piece of fabric about an inch outside the bottle cap. Sew around the circle with the longest stitch your machine has or by hand and gather as you go.

2.Stick the bottle cap inside. It should look like this.

3.Hot glue the gathered section down into the bottle cap. Put more glue in the bottle cap and secure the ponytail holder in place until its dry, making sure to cover completely with glue.

4.You have the option here to cover your button with fabric or not. Next put more glue on top of the ponytail holder and secure with your covered or plain button.

You can use any fabric, but if you use see-thru material, make sure you use plain(no logos) bottle caps, or else the logos will show through.

Easy DIY Rope Necklace w/ Curtain Tiebacks

I saw this a while back on love Maegan and wanted to make one and so I have been keeping my eyes out for these curtain tiebacks. I was worried at first because the kind I found at the goodwill were with tassels, but fortunately when you take the tassel off they are just plain tiebacks. So lets get started.

You will need two curtain tiebacks and ribbon.

1. If your tiebacks have tassels, take them off. If not skip this step.

2. Loop them together like this.

3. Knot together, pull tight.

4. Using ribbon of your choice, pull it through the 4 loops and tie in a bow.

Super easy and super cute. Check out love Meagan’s two tone version here.

Make Your Own 100% Recycled Necklace

I have been enjoying taking apart jewelry and putting together different necklaces and beads that you wouldn’t think necessarily go together but when put together they look amazing.

Here is one of my 100% recycled necklaces that I recently finished. I took apart a belt for the metal rings, used two necklaces after I took the clasps off, and then I cut off the two ties from a dress that no longer fits. Combining those made this necklace.

Look through your stuff and see what you can add together to make some amazing jewelry.

The Projects are Coming Along

I got a lot of work done today but still did not finish a single thing. I am not sure why and I even had Kenny Chesney and Katy Perry singing to me all day. I think my mind is working overtime and every time I come up with an idea or see something interesting online and I want to try it, so I start something new.

Three collar necklaces that I have started.

Close up of the suit-like fabrics that I used.

Cheers! And here’s to sticking to what I have started and finishing up some of these great projects.