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Recycled Bottle Cap Coasters Tutorial

What you need:

Needle and thread


Bottle caps

1. Cut circles out of your material about 2 inches in diameter.

2. Using your needle and thread, pucker the fabric around the bottle cap.

3. Pull the thread tight and knot.

4. Sew 6 fabric covered bottle caps together like a flower.

5. Cut a 5 inch square.

6. Start folding the fabric under the bottle caps, making a hexagon shape.

7. Sew the bottle caps to the hexagon fabric.

And that’s it! You are done!

Now make 3 more and you have a set!

I must be Crazy (DIY Recycled Tin Can Wind Chime)

Am I crazy? Yeah I’m probably a little more than crazy. I collect things that I know should be recycled, it bothers me to see them get thrown away. So of course my kitchen is getting filled up with recyclables, in my cupboards, in my pantry, its overflowing, so I have to find ways to use them.

While watching a music video the other day I saw a wind chime made from tin cans. So I tried this idea, painted the cans, put some holes in the cans with hammer and nail and hung them up with scrap material and finally, using a bottle cap for the inside chime, I was done. Its all very simple and I rather like it, although I did get a laugh, but I’m not bothered. Now I can look for ways to improve this.

Recycled Painted Glass Jars

I love to recycle, hence the name “Recycled Lovelies”, I will admit not everything that I recycle is lovely but I really enjoy how these turned out.

I started by putting stickers on them and than painted them with a glossy paint. Let the paint dry and than peeled off the sticker.

It was that simple! You might want to run an exacto knife around the stickers so the paint doesn’t get pulled off with the sticker.

Picture Frame Turned Jewelry Organizer

Remember this frame?

When my friend was getting her stuff packed to move to the states she had a lot of things she was getting rid of, lucky for me this gold frame was one of them.

I need a jewelry organizer and when I saw a similar one on a website I decided to give it a try. Its not so easy to find the things you want here, one day you will find what you want and when you go back a couple weeks later for the same thing, they don’t have them anymore. The African way of life is sometimes overwhelming when it comes to finding what you need, so crafting here is usually done with what you have. Thankfully my friend was getting rid of the hooks that I added to the frame to hang the jewelry on.

I would like to paint this white but do not have white paint at the moment, the gold will do for now.

DIY Graduation Cap Cupcake Toppers

Super simple graduation cap using bottle caps for the actual cap.

I used black paper, cut in squares, punched holes out of blue paper and used cross stitch thread and tied a little knot with a loop for the tassel.
Just assemble the hat part with craft glue, let dry and then attach the hat and tassel to the bottle cap with a hot glue gun.



Recycled Book Birthday Chandelier

Its best to recycle when you can but it makes even more sense to recycle when you live in Mozambique and a simple birthday banner costs you $10. I love to recycle and enjoy finding ways to use items, that would normally be destined for the trash, in a new way.

Here is my latest creation and one that we will use over and over.

I used clips tied to string for holding the numbers, that way you could change the numbers for the next birthday.

I even recycled this little egg carton into my flower shape holder!

The Challenge is Finished and Modified

I made a bunch of cute little flowers and sewed them together and than looked at them and thought, this just doesn’t look right so I went to my little drawer of goodies and found these little shell beads and connected a few and decided this looked more African and much cuter. I cut up a leather necklace and used pieces to attach the beads.

What do you think?

The Challenge: Flip Flop Flowers

My friend who claims she has no ability to craft or make or sew, has asked me to make a flower for her flip flops. The flip flops came with a little something in the top but they fell out and so she has asked if I will add a little flower or something cute to the tops of them. She even gave me part of an old Bandanna she was throwing out for the flowers. Not sure what I will come up with but I am looking forward to doing something creative… its been a long time.

Recycled Table Runner

I found this shop near the bay that has some beautiful handmade items and bought myself a table runner for the living room. The table runner is made of strips of Capalana’s(material that women wear as skirts, to carry babies or fresh food and multiple other uses) and old car tires.

I love that they recycle so much here, it looks different than the recycling we do back home but the items are still getting recycled and that’s something to be excited for.

This table runner was handmade by orphans in Mozambique to help them learn a skill they can use to provide for themselves and take them further in life.

Recycled Bottle Cap Hot Pads

My husband went on a trip up north in Mozambique to the Zambezia province and brought back these hot pads. I have never seen anything like this so I am excited to figure out how they are made. He found them at an orphanage. These projects are for mothers who need a way to make money so they show them how to sew and make things to sell. Giving the women a skill that can support the family will change the whole family system, giving them a means to survive. Its a great program and I cant wait to visit and see for myself.

These hot pads are made from bottle caps and material. So ingenious! I love the way they look too. I will hopefully get back to you in the next week with the instructions on how to make them for yourself. This week is filled with getting things fixed around the house and trying to catch up on sleep.