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DIY Cereal Box Gift Tags/Ornaments

As you know recycling here is, well, not as popular as in Oregon where I am from. I cringe at the thought of throwing all these items that could be recycled in the trash. So I have come up with another way to use that trash.

I saw initial ornaments/ gift tags on pintrest and came up with my own version.

Open up your cereal box.

Trace your letters onto the inside of the box.

Cut out your letters.

Modpodge or glue old book pages or craft paper onto each letter.

Decorate with glitter and punch a hole in the top.

Add a star or other shape if you want.

Its that simple! Enjoy!

DIY Paint Chip Cake Bunting

To stick with the theme I figured I would try a little Cake Bunting. I always thought they looked cute on cakes and my girls birthday is coming up so I made this Cake Bunting to see if I would like it and guess what I really do!

What you need:

Paint Chips

Hot Glue


2 Skewers

1. Fold your paint chips in half.

2. Cut connecting triangles out of each section, depending on how many you want.

3. Glue the triangle sections together, leaving a space at the top for the string to go through.

4. String through each color. Tie the string to the skewers and stick in cake.

Pretend this is in a cake! I will post photos of it being used soon.

Toilet Paper Roll Painting

I saw this;

courtesy of House Tweaking

And I was totally inspired to do this in my bedroom.Can you believe it was done with toilet paper rolls?

My room has circles and dots all over it, and the wall is so boring that adding a nice sweep of circles will make my room complete.

Now all I need is to buy some paint.


Check back in the next couple of days to see the my new bedroom wall.

Ideas for Organizing Your Crafts w/ Jars

At the beginning of the new year I always want to get my life and home organized but I don’t have a lot of money to spend. So I have been looking at ways to organize by using whats around the house. Here are a few ideas that I am looking at.


Little Birdie Secrets found a great way to organize ribbons with Jars. And who doesn’t have a ton of jars around the house?

Making Memories Blog also found a nice way to organize with large jars. If you shop at Costco or a large warehouse store you may have some of these around the house.

I love these tags on these jars. Aby Garvey from Creative Organizing wrote this guest post on I’m an Organizing Junkie.

I hope these ides help you get get excited about organizing your crafts!

I Found a New Store – SCRAP!

I know your thinking this is a scrap book store, but no, you, my friend would be so wrong. This store is so much better than that. SCRAP which stands for School & Community Reuse Action Project, is a store that sells recycled craft supplies. I met this lady last night who told made these cute little tuxedos from items she got at SCRAP. The items are from people who give, who have left overs or from places like the bicycle helmet company who donated the helmet pads that my new friend used on the tuxes. I am so excited to check this place out.

Click here to see the video of the store. I cant wait to visit.

DIY Tin Can Cover

I saw this over a year ago on the Elsie Marley blog and never did anything with it until now. I thought about embroidering something on it but just went with the fun fabric instead.

What a great way to recycle your cans.

I used this spray adhesive instead of the glue gun cause the adhesive makes the fabric lay flat.

I am not the best at sewing by hand.

I am storing my scraps of fabric in this but I think this would be a great alternative to a gift bag. You could even add a wire or ribbon handle.

For Elsie Marleys complete instructions click here.

Easy DIY: Chalk Board Painted Jars

I saw this in my friends kitchen, she had 3 jars that had chalk board paint squares on them that she bought from Ikea. You could fill them with whatever you wanted and just write the name of the product with chalk on the little square. So I figured it couldn’t be that difficult to do, could it? Usually when I say that it turns into a project from the pits of hell but much to my surprise it wasn’t – In fact this was the easiest project I have ever done. I’m looking forward to doing this with more jars, even filling them with gifts for Christmas.


This was formerly a jar filled with mango slices - perfect size for storage.


I didn't tape it off cause I didn't want perfectly straight lines.


Simple! Fill it, write the name and your done!

This is a great way to recycle old jars. You could use these all over the house, kitchen, bathroom, kids rooms, there are so many possibilities.

Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials

A friend mentioned this book, Re-Bound by Jeannine Stein, to me and from what I can see online this book seems to have some interesting projects in it. I am excited to actually get my hands on a copy of this book. It is definitely going on my wish list for Christmas, although I am hoping to be able to find it used. Did you know Christmas is only 84 days away? I have a lot to do before than…ok now I am distressed, am I going to get all my Christmas projects done?

Anyhow on to this book – Re-Bound shows readers how to take every day materials from around the house, flea markets and thrift stores, and hardware and office supply stores, and turn them into fabulous books. Instead of saying, “What can I make a book out of,” readers will be thinking, “What can’t I make a book out of?” In Re-Bound, a vintage souvenir wallet becomes a photo album. Last year’s trendy sweater becomes a take-along journal. Even potato chip bags get a second life as a handy pocket notebook. This fun pursuit is economical as well as ecological. A variety of attractive, uncomplicated bindings, how-to instructions, and step-outs bring each project to life.


Whats better than recycling and re-purposing items around your house? Thanks Joanna for sharing this book with me.

DIY – Hanky Sleeve Tank Top


Last summer, while visiting the Saturday Market in Portland, Or. I came across this lady selling tank tops that she had so creatively sewed handkerchiefs to. From ladies sizes on down to little girls sizes, and she even was selling little tank dresses with beautiful hankies sewed on the shoulders. I have been searching for her site on the internet but for the life of me I can’t remember her name.

I thought it probably wouldn’t be to tough to do, so I started cutting and sewing and here is what I came up with.

  1. Cut the Handkerchief in half diagonally.
  2. Buy a tank top, or use one you already have.
  3. Pin the hanky on both sides and make sure they line up.
  4. Then sew it on and your done.

Its that easy.

Doily T-Shirt Revamp

I had this brown tee that I thought needed an extra something. It was actually my daughters and she was getting rid of it, so I decided to keep it. I had found a bunch of vintage doilies, hankies, and lace at my moms and after seeing how people on Etsy revamped dresses and tees I figured I would give it a try with this brown tee.

Here is what I came up with ~