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Jewelry Making

I have been keeping a secret from you all…. I have been selling some of my stuff to a Consignment Shop in Corvallis, Oregon. Second Glance is the name and they have amazing and gently worn clothes. If you live in the area, please check them out. They have two shops, one for the more adult women and one for the younger ladies. My daughters loved both stores.

Last night the store gave me some broken and unusable jewelry that they would like me to use to make more of those collar necklaces and other jewelry. It was so fun looking through the vintage jewelry, and I’m enjoying putting them together. Check back to see the creations I come up with.

Be Patient With Me

I know I said I was almost done with that strapless number but be patient, its been a busy week and not so cheery at that. And today is my dh birthday, I can’t very well ask him if I can sew instead of enjoy a meal out with him and the family now can I? And I am not sure I would choose sewing over family and eating anyway. I have the beaded sash that goes around the waist sitting on the sewing machine, waiting patiently for me to buy it some thread to match. And what sucks stinks is that I have to get to sew it by hand. I was thinking it would be a quick dress but it has been anything but that. Or maybe I have just not put my all into it, like I should have.

Well the Rooftop Picnic is coming quickly and I NEED a beautiful dress to wear. Its like Cinderella going to the ball, where is my blue flowing dress? I don’t mind if I lose a slipper, I just want to be pretty like Cinderella. Shoes on or shoes off, really isn’t the point, its all in the dress. In fact barefoot could be sexy. Although the ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service’ could become a factor in that decision. I certainly don’t want to find myself out on the street.

So yes in the next couple of days I will get that dress done and I am sure you will find it to be fabulous, ok maybe not, but dang-it I will get it done!


In honor of my dh on his Birthday! Happy Birthday Nate!

What is a Hug?

Yesterday was a tough day, I kept thinking about my dad and how I will never get to talk with him again. It was a tough day and I really miss him. I haven’t been very productive lately, no sewing, no crafting at all, due to losing my dad and just the way life seems to come at you full speed ahead without warning.

Today I really needed a hug and left the house without getting my usual hug.

What is a hug? I think it is different for everyone. For me its strong arms around you holding you tight, the smell of the skin, the feel of the cheek on your cheek and the sense that everything is ok and that you are loved and how nothing else matters in that moment.

Over at Joy The Baker she talks about needing a hug today, she says “I need the kind of hug that I imagine comes from the husband I don’t yet have. The kind of hug that you can completely relax into. The kind of hug where you are exactly who you are without any self conscious discomfort. The kind of hug that I imagine comes with familiar husband neck smells, synchronized breathing, and maybe a whisper in the ear. The kind of hug that softens everything in the world- that’s the kind of hug I need”.

I love how she puts that. Thats the kind of hug I need today too!

Time Keeps Ticking Away

On December 23rd my father passed away. He had a long fight with cancer(Multiple Myeloma) and two days before Christmas the Lord took him home to Heaven. It never is an easy thing to say goodbye to ones you love.

While visiting with my mom at her house a few days after my dad passed away, we were getting ready to leave and she looked at her clock and saw that the time was wrong. She went over to set it to the correct time and found that it had stopped working. It was like one of those scenes from a movie as she started to cry and then laugh and then cry again as she said, “It Died”. Then she turned to me and said “I have had this clock for over 40 years”. Her marriage to my dad was 48 years. She had so many memories wrapped up in this clock, and it wasn’t sad that the clock had died but it was just another reminder that my dad had also died.

So my husband, being sweet like he is and wanting to always help fix what is wrong, (even if it is a clock) offered to take the clock home and fix it. Well we haven’t got very far with this but I have high hopes that we can work it out.

This is one of those cool retro clocks that have magnetic rings that go around the month, day of the week and the date. I am sure its from the 60’s. I just love it!

My mom reassured me the other day that even if we don’t fix it, she wants it back to hang in the kitchen. I promised we would give it back.

This clock is a constant reminder to me of how things may get old but the life(memories) we put in them never dies!