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DIY Bunting Flag Canvas Art

I love this idea of bunting flags on canvas but my first attempt was not up to par(as you will see below). I am making this for a my great niece and want it to look superb! So I will try it for a second time, and will not drawing the string on but glue actual string on. If you have a steady hand and a great permanent marker y0u will probably do fine.

This was my inspiration:

Thank you to House Pretty!

Start with a plain canvas and cut out some bunting flags from paper.

Arrange the flags where you want them and then draw a line on the canvas with a pencil.

Mod podge the flags to the canvas using your line as a guide.

Draw a line with a permanent marker.

And your done!

 Its such a cute idea for baby rooms!

Simple Capalana Napkins

Yep I made these, not perfectly square by any means but I love the colors and pattern from the capalana that I used.

These were really easy, just two square pieces of fabric sewed right sides together and then turned right side out and sewed around the edge with a simple stitch. You could use a zig zag stitch and that would look nice, but I prefer the simple.

DIY Easy Body Scrub

Only 3 ingredients in this body scrub:


Whats lovely about the brown sugar here is that its unrefined, so its extra course, perfect for body scrub.

I just kind of guessed at how much to put together and it worked perfectly.

2 time use:

1 teaspoon coffee grounds

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 tablespoon honey

Mix together and your set.

Use in the shower for body scrub or for a foot scrub when  doing a pedicure.


DIY Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse

I saw this:

And I made this:

All you need is: a shirt(t-shirt would even work), a piece of fabric, a ribbon, and a sewing machine.

1. find a shirt and turn it inside out.

2. lay your ribbon down, then cut a piece of fabric big enough to cover your ribbon.

3. pin the piece of fabric over the ribbon.

4. sew on the fabric, making three long stitches, between the ribbon and on each side.

5. cinch and tie and your all done!

DIY Paint Chip Garland

I was at the store last week and buying paint for my Toilet Paper Roll Painting job and I had the idea to take some paint chips to make some pretty garland and bunting. There are NOT a lot of choices here in Mozambique for fun party decorations without paying an arm and a leg for some ugly plastic garland. So this is what I came up with.

What you need:


~Paint Chips

~Circle Paper Punch

~Hot Glue Gun

1. Punch out your circles.

2. Hot glue two circles together with the string in the middle.

3.Hang and enjoy!


Picture Frame Turned Jewelry Organizer

Remember this frame?

When my friend was getting her stuff packed to move to the states she had a lot of things she was getting rid of, lucky for me this gold frame was one of them.

I need a jewelry organizer and when I saw a similar one on a website I decided to give it a try. Its not so easy to find the things you want here, one day you will find what you want and when you go back a couple weeks later for the same thing, they don’t have them anymore. The African way of life is sometimes overwhelming when it comes to finding what you need, so crafting here is usually done with what you have. Thankfully my friend was getting rid of the hooks that I added to the frame to hang the jewelry on.

I would like to paint this white but do not have white paint at the moment, the gold will do for now.

Knotted Capalana Necklace

Remember the necklace I was wanting to make out of the capalana material? Well I made it. I didn’t have any beads to use so a friend passed on to me a broken necklace that had larger seeds as beads and told me I could take it apart to use the seeds. So that’s just what I did. I think it turned out so cute. I will be making many more. Still debating if I should sew on some fabric flowers onto one side or not.

Even my house help said she liked it, I will have to make one for her.

I will put a tutorial up next week! This is very simple to make, just a little time consuming.

DIY: Mod Podge Book Tile Coasters

I have seen these done all over the internet but hadn’t seen anyone use old paper or books pages. These are super simple to make, just need a jar of Mod Podge, old tiles, pages from a book, stickers (optional), and felt dots.

First take your felt dots and put them on the bottom of the tile. Next you cut a piece of paper to the size of the tile, so that it goes over the edge and covers entirely. Mod Podge it into place, underneath and on top. When that is dry, stick the sticker on and Mod Podge over that. Let dry and you are finished!

Christmas Brooches from Grandmas Bridesmaids Fabric

I have been MIA this week, getting ready for Christmas. A while back I had told you that my mom was going to give me her left over material that was used for her bridesmaids dresses and I was so excited. Her colors were rust and cream and I knew the taffeta fabric would be beautiful. I wanted to make something special for my sisters and all the granddaughters so I made these brooches and my daughter came up with this amazing poem to go along with them. What makes them more special is that this year would have been my parents 50th anniversary and yesterday two years ago is the anniversary of my fathers death so I know the girls will cherish these.

DIY – Recycled Light Bulb Ornaments

I love it when my daughter wants to create something with me! She was looking around the kitchen and had found to light bulbs that were getting ready for the recycle bin and asked if we could add some glitter to them and make ornaments. I said yeah why not. So she got out the trusty Mod Podge(I don’t know what I would do without it) and we each decorated a light bulb.

This is pretty easy, all you need is: an old light bulb, Mod Podge(or glue), paint brush, glitter, a ribbon and hot glue gun.

1. Using your paint brush, paint Mod Podge all over your light bulb, then cover it with glitter. My daughter made a mix of gold, silver & white glitter.

For a different look, I Mod Podged my light bulb and covered it with small strips of sheet music.

2. Cut two strips of ribbon. One small piece to wrap around the base and one large piece for hanging on the tree.

3. Hot glue the large piece of ribbon to each side of the base.

4. Hot glue your small piece of ribbon around the base, covering the ends of the other ribbon.

And there you have it, super simple and super cute!