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Recycled Book Valentine Cards

Valentines Day, the one day a year devoted to love, how can that be so bad?

I made these sweet cards from photo mats, rub on letters and adorable hearts cut from an old dictionary.

I got these cute photo mats and rub on letters by heidi grace from Joann fabrics.

I sewed a zig zag stitch in pretty colors down the middle to add some depth and to make the hearts stand up a bit.

Super easy and so sweet, you can use these little hearts so many ways.

DIY ~ Easy Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments ~

Remember that wonderful weekend I got to spend with my sisters and mom? Well part of our time was spent shopping and we got to look at a lot of Christmas decor. I found these pine cone ornaments that were so cute and yet something that could easily be made. I didn’t have any pine cones in my yard but a friend let me scrounge around her yard for some. Most of them were closed so I had to do some prep work, but even that was easy.


~Pine Cones

~Tacky Glue



1. If your pine cones are closed, stick them in the oven at 200 degrees.

2. Keep checking them until they are dry and open up all the way(about 2-3 hrs).

3. Put Tacky glue on each section of the pine cone.

4. Cover completely with glitter.

5. Let them dry completely and add a ribbon.


DIY Rose Ring

This is super easy and super fast and pretty cheap if you can find some plastic rings on clearance.


~Plastic Ring (I found mine at Target, halloween clearance 90% off)

~1 1/2″ wide X 11″ length piece of fabric

~1″ round piece of velvet

~Glue gun

~Needle & Thread

1. Fold the fabric in half and sew along the raw edge with the widest stitch. Gather by pulling only one of the strings.

2. Starting at one end, roll up to make a rose and sew together.

3. Using your glue gun put glue on the back of the rose and press the plastic ring into the glue.

4. Cut two slits in the round velvet piece to fit around the ring and glue into place, making sure to cover any raw edges of the flower.

5. You can add a pearl or some other little decoration or leave plain.


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ Spool Candle Holder

It has been a busy two weeks for me and I hope it has been for you too! Have you made any of the DIY projects I gave you?

I hope so.

For day 12 I have this cute little spool candle holder.


~Glass Candle Holder (I used ones that the candles had been burned out)

~Paper or Fabric (I used vintage fabric)

~Vintage Large Spools (These are vintage spools)

~Gorilla Glue

~Mod Podge

~Paint & Paint Brush

~Tea Light Candle

1. Take off the paper on each end of the spool and paint whatever color you like, you only need to color the ends.

2. Take your fabric or paper and cut to fit around the middle of the spool. Use Mod Podge to secure.

3. Use Mod Podge to decorate the glass candle holder, cutting and attaching whatever paper or fabric you would like.

4. To attach the glass to the wood you need a bonding agent like Gorilla Glue. You only need a very little, too much and it will foam over the sides.

5. Let dry for two hours and add any other decoration you would like. Add a couple of tea lights and you are done!


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 10 ~ Recipes Book

My daughter has been telling me how she wished she knew how to cook like me and that’s exciting for me to hear but it also makes me realize that I didn’t give her a chance to cook in the kitchen enough and that makes me sad. Well good things come from realizations and that’s where this Recipe Book came from. I figured I needed to help her get her cooking groove on, so I put this together for her. This was very simple and remember it doesn’t have to be Christmas themed.


~Recipe Cards(3×5 cards work too)

~Contact Paper

~Ring(cuz I don’t know a better name for it)

~Mod Podge

~Chipboard or Cardboard from a cereal box

~Scrap Fabric

~Hole Punch

1. Trace the recipe card onto the cardboard box and cut out.

2. Put Mod Podge all over the cardboard cut out and put the fabric over it and then cover the fabric with more Mod Podge.

3. Decorate with whatever you want using Mod Podge. I added some glitter and letters to spell Recipes.

4. After you fill out your recipe cards with your favorite recipes, cover them with contact paper and punch holes in the corner.

5. Take a few scraps or fabric or ribbon and tie onto the ring. I still have not figured out if it will stay this way.


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 9 ~ Simple Shabby Broach

It doesn’t take much time to put together a sweet little country style broach like these ones. I had so much fun making these for the ladies in my family. I made these a little more Christmas colored, you can use whatever fabric you would like.


~Fabric Rose – Tutorials here and here.

~3 inch strips of 1/2 wide fabric

~Broach Pin

~Needle & Thread

~To & From Tag – optional

1. Take the strips of fabric and criss cross them on top of each other. I used about 7 strips.

2. Put the flower on top of the strips of fabric and pinch together around the flower.

3. Sew the pieces of fabric onto the flower, making sure to cover up the raw edges of the flower.

4. Sew the broach pin onto the back of the flower. At this point you have the option to glue a piece of material over the pin, so you dont see the sewing.

Optional step # 5. Use a piece of stamped piece of paper as a to and from gift tag.


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 8 ~ Fabric Clothespins

This is so fun and so easy, but so versatile – You can use these to decorate your Christmas gifts or add a magnet to the back to hold papers on the fridge and the best thing to use these for is to hold chips or other food packages closed. These would make great gifts along with the some of these dish cloths in a coordinating fabric.



~Mod Podge

~Razor blade


1. Take apart your clothespins.

2. Take your Mod Podge and cover your clothespins, lay a piece of fabric over the clothespin and cover again with Mod Podge.

3. When its completely dry and hard, use your razor blade to cut off the excess.

4. Put your clothes pins back together and package.

Or put a small flower on top for a gift tag.

Or attach to a marshmallow bag to keep it closed.


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 6 ~ Countdown to Christmas Blocks

This is an easy project, one that even your kids could probably help with, of course with your supervision!


4 Wood Blocks

White Paint

Mod Podge

Coordinating Paper cut into squares

Numbers & Sayings


1. Paint the blocks white on all sides.

2. Mod Podge the cut paper onto each side of the square and then Mod Podge over the top of the paper.

3. On one block Mod Podge the numbers 1, 2, 6(which will be used as a 9), 0, 7 & 8. On the other block Mod Podge the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 0. On the other two blocks Mod Podge the words days to Christmas.

4. Take a ribbon and tie in a bow or knot around the blocks.


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 5 ~ Mod Podge Canvas Art

I have wanted to do this for long time and just never did. But now that I have, I will do this more often, its so much fun and really is a great way to decorate your bare walls. And would make a great gift too!


~Canvas (size of choice)

~Scrapbook Paper (thinner paper is easier to work with)

~Mod Podge

~Embellishments (ribbons, rhinestones, pearls, buttons, etc..)

~Hot Glue Gun

~Razor Blade

1. Cut the paper to big enough so that it wraps around the sides.

2. Using your razor blade and cut the corners diagnolly in towards the corner of the canvas.

3. Cover the entire paper with Mod Podge.

4. Attach the paper to the canvas and completely cover the top with Mod Podge. Let dry.

5. Decorate your canvas with your embellishments using your hot glue gun.


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 4 ~ Paperback Ornament

This was not so easy but I was so proud after I got the first one done and then it became easier as I went along. So I will try to explain every step, but don’t get discouraged, just try it again and I am sure it will turn out great! Everything looks better with glitter! By the way ~ it gives it more character when its not quite perfect! 😉


~ Paperback book

~ Glue

~ Spray adhesive

~ Glitter

~ Clothespin

~ Scissors

~ Ribbon

~ Embellishments of  your choice

1. Cut the book into 1 inch strips. Now this part is a bit tricky, it would be easy if you have a industrial size paper cutter. I had to use scissors and this book wasn’t huge so I cut a few strips and cut a few more until I got through the whole book, leaving the binding in tact.

2. Take some glue and apply to the binding.

3. Use a clothespin to hold the binding together until the glue dries.

4. You will be using two strips at a time and start by putting glue on the end of the strip and glue to the next two pieces.

5. Then you take the next two strips and fold in half.

6. You can use the clothespin to help keep the strips in piece, its just like having another hand.

7. Continue folding & bending, putting glue on the end of the strips that you bend, not the ones you fold, until your done.

8. Take an all purpose spray adhesive and spray the ornament, then cover with glitter. Do both sides and edges if desired.

9. Take your embellishments and using hot glue or tacky glue, attach them.

10. Once the ornament is completely dry, take a ribbon or some sort of decorative string and attach to the ornament.