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Play Bingo At Home With Recycled Items

Board games are fun indeed and a great ice-breaker too. However, sometimes these days board games may not always be easy on our pockets. The moment you step a foot into a toy store and bump into a game you fancy buying, you realise that the prices are sky high. You end up panicking and rarely able to pick anything much from the store. But if you are clever enough, you can get handful of recycled items, craft it at home and have as much fun with your family and friends. When asked for a game for a large group of people, the first game that comes to my mind is bingo! The ultimate group game for people of all ages. Here are some clever ways to recycle items at home and have a bingo party!

Make Bingo Balls

The main component in a game of bingo are the bingo balls. Polystyrene balls are a great option. They come in parcels, hence are easy to find. Number these balls with a marker and you are good to go. You can also use plastic bottle caps and use them to mark numbers. If these two also don’t seem much of a good idea, you can take use carton boxes and cut them into round shapes and mark numbers from 1 to 75 or 1 to 90. They may work just well.

Ball Jumblers

As you know ball jumblers too are an intergral part of bingo. There’s always a bingo caller who picks out numbers from the tombola basket. You can use a simple box, make a hand-sized hole to pull out numbers. Easy peasy! You can also use a bag or a hat to do the same.

Bingo Cards

You have to admit they are perhaps the easiest of all. Making your own, nifty thrifty game of bingo couldn’t get any easier. You can take a cardboard or a thick material paper and make your own tickets. Once these are done, give players good markers to daub. You can also use an old CD case which has been lying around unused for quite sometime now. Best part is they can be used over and over. The reusability of a CD case as a card is the best choice.

You can use thrifty items at home or shops and make your own game of bingo. You can also try free bingo online which is and always will be easier on your pockets. All it takes is to think outside the box. Be as unique as you can. You’ll have a fun time.

There’s an Elephant in the Room

If you know me, you know that I love elephants. It makes more sense if you know that I spent 3 years in Africa and a favorite past time was visiting Kruger National Park. Elephants are amazing, majestic animals and the fact that they can make cars move out of their way, just because, well I admire that.

My birthday was two weeks ago and my niece and her boyfriend asked to take us out to pizza. We laughed when we sat down to pizza and instead of numbers for your table, you get animals and ours just so happened to be an elephant. And then they asked me to open up my gift and it was an elephant clock that she had found at a thrift store by her house. Such a great find! I love it!

Thanks Heather & Matt!

Isn’t it cute?

A Cupcake Bar

Im getting excited because I finally figured out how I can make so many different cupcakes and frosting’s before the big graduation day party, saving me the stress of having to assemble them the day of the party.

All I need is a Cupcake Bar!

I have never heard of this being done before but what a great idea. I saw it on a photography website from a wedding shower. You make the different frosting’s and put them in mason jars and have knives out for frosting your own. Your cupcakes and frosting can safely be made the day before. I also figured I could have some sprinkles out, but that may tend to get messy.

The sad part about this is that I already made all these really cute cupcake flags. What am I going to do with them now?

The biggest problem, that I have yet to find a solution for, is what about the kids, who like to lick their fingers, stick their fingers in the frosting, you know all the gross wonderful things kids do. Do I have two cupcake bars? One for adults and one for kids or do I just let is slide and try not to think about little Jimmy’s unwashed hands in my frosting?

Cupcake Bar Photos courtesy of Jen Huang.

DIY Recycled Jar Playing Cards Candle Holder

We have a wild game of Nertz with the same 6 friends each month and this month I wanted to make something fun for them to take home with them. This isn’t the first candle holder I have made with recycled jars, you can see the others here and here, but this is the first that I have used playing cards on. It took me a few tries to come up with this but eventually I got it worked out. These were a lot of fun to make. Try one for yourself. They make great gifts.

I had a bunch of jars from jam and spaghetti sauce, perfect for recycling into candle holders.

You have to pull the top layer of the card off, so you are mod podging the thin top layer.

Grab all your crafty tools, ribbons and cards and start creating, or borrow like I did.

I used this punch to make hearts from the cards and then used a tiny hold punch for threading.

The little hearts hang from the black ribbon with knots in between. I also cut up some fabric and tied together with the ribbons.

I filled the jars with rock salt and a candle.

The First Snow Fall of the Winter

Here in the Willamette Valley we have to take advantage of every snow fall we have and yesterday we were taken by surprise with about 2 inches. We knew it wouldn’t last over night so we got right out there, with the dog of course, and played in the snow. Here are a few photos from our fun last night.


After whining at the door forever, we let her loose to play in the snow.


Delilah's come-on-lets-play face.


My daughter getting ready to throw some snow balls for Delilah.


Her favorite past time, taking off your mittens and boots and running away with them.

Let it Snow

My daughter likes to watch the news at night to see if its going to snow and so far we haven’t had a single flake fall from the sky in our area. Last year we were blessed with a couple weeks of amazing snow falls and an ice storm to top it off. But so far this year we haven’t been as fortunate. Well we may not have snow but I have this funny video that will hopefully put a smile on your face as it did mine, ok maybe it wasn’t just a smile, it flat out made me ROFL( I hate that acronym but it fits today). Over at V and Co. today I was reading about her day yesterday and she posted this video, check it out and enjoy the snow!

Seattle Strains Sewing

Last week I told you I was working on two dresses and I really was, really I was, but then my dh planned this trip to Seattle with some friends and so obviously I had to leave the sewing machine behind.

My dh’s friend had got tickets to the Seattle Seahawks game for free. So he and his wife invited us to go with them. We headed up on Saturday afternoon to their house in Olympia and had a tour around town and then came back to their house for this lovely, fresh, dinner and entertaining conversation. They were great hosts and it was a lovely night.


Yep here we are and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

The next day we headed up to the football game and ended up being a bit late so the guys dropped us gals off to go get our seats. Let me just say that I have never been to a football game before. Never, ever! So as we head up to our seats way up there, all I could see was a sea of blue. These Seattle Seahawks fans really do love their team. It was a bit scary because the friends we were with were rooting for the Chicago Bears. I kept telling my dh to stop because I didn’t want to get beat up or thrown out. Well we made it out with our lives and the Chicago Bears won which made our friends very happy. But the best part was when my husband patiently would tell me what every single term or play meant. Poor guy was constantly answering my questions “why did they do that?”, “why is that guy throwing flags around?”, and “when is that drunk guy behind me gonna stop yelling at the poor old sweater vest lady?”. Yep that was what it looked like. And the people were so drunk and friendly all around us(as long as they didn’t know you were rooting for the bears) that they would turn around and scream in your face and high five you. It was funny! We had a great time! Thanks Bo!


This was from our seats - can you see the space needle and Puget Sound?


Packed out game

Now its back to work and back to sewing. I promise this week you will get to see some of those dresses I am working on. Stay tuned.


Usually you see this kind of line in front of the womens restroom.

Joy the Baker’s Rooftop Picnic

Back in June Joy the Baker threw out the idea of getting together for a picnic. Of course I was on board the minute I heard and well I live in Keizer, Oregon, a tiny little place compared to LA and a fair distance away. Does it help that I grew up in Portland? Well anyway, on July 24th she announced that she would be having the picnic on August 23rd on a rooftop in downtown LA and that it was on a first come, first serve basis.  I knew I had to get my email in as soon as I could and then it was time to wait to see if I was invited.

On July 28th I received my invitation! Yes I am on the guest list! OK, so you are asking why I want to go to this picnic so bad, well the main reason is because I love food, you could call me a foodie, and Joy the Baker’s site is chalk-full of wonderful food recipes, beautiful pictures and if that isn’t enough, she is witty, you could even say a ‘Joy’ to read :). I know this blog isn’t about food, but aside from recycling items into something lovely, I happen to eat(a lot) and a dream of mine has always been to go to culinary school. I have so much to do to get ready for this, gotta find something fabulous to wear, buy airline tickets(or should I drive?), pack and well… make sure my friend is still planning on going with me.


View from the Rooftop - Courtesy of Joy the Baker

San Francisco Bound


Tomorrow morning my family is heading down to San Francisco for a few days of rest and relaxation, which I am sure will turn into a few days of crazy business, but either way it will be nice to get away.

Here are a few of the fun times we will have while away.

We are planning on going to Paulettes Bakery to get some yummy macarons. The excitement is overwhelming, I have yet to try these macarons but everyone says they are to die for..I cant wait!

A stop at the Buffalo Exchange on Haight Street.

We will drive over to the little town of Sausalito, with a stop on the way to spit off the Golden Gate Bridge. I hear they have some really cute shops and great cafes.

We are also taking one day to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vellejo, Ca. My daughter has always wanted to swim with dolphins and so we are surprising her, and we have set up a time for her to swim with dolphins. She has no clue, it will be so fun to see the look on her face when she finds out.

Of course the crookedest street, Pier 39 and Union Square and I did find a Goodwill Outlet that I want to try to visit.

What do you think? Do have any helpful tips on where to go while in San Francisco? From restaurants to attractions, what is a must see/do/eat place?

Last Thursday on Alberta in PDX

Last night I should have been cleaning my closet and getting ready for the garage sale on Saturday but instead I was enjoying a great meal(at Tin Shed) and fun times with the family on Alberta Street.

I have mentioned the Last Thursday on Alberta in a post before but last night was a different mix than normal. The fact that it is summer always brings more people but the other factor that played into the interesting mix was that Michael Jackson died yesterday making it like a memorial to him, with his music playing in the restaurants and shops, to people in the streets with boom boxes dancing to his songs. It was a lot of fun.

They had their usual crafty people lining the streets, selling their goods and the occasional band, beat boxer or crazy circus act mixed in there. I love the way the artists take old, crazy things and make them into something beautiful and useful.


These ladies were selling vintage aprons, I wanted to take every single one of them home, but I sadly walked away.


This lady was dressed in a cute twenties style swimsuit with striped leggings, twirling fire with 20’s style music playing in the background, she was amazing. My youngest daughter loved watching her, until she remembered Tour de Crêpes was closing soon.


There were bikes everywhere, its so much fun to see what people are riding and checking out their gear, I just loved the vintage bag attached to the back of this bike. I love how green Portland is!


This was another one of the street vendors. My girls loved these lamps. I just loved how they lit up the street. Reminded me of my Irish friends saying – You’re a Star!


This is the lady that turned on the Michael Jackson song Beat It and everyone started gathering around her dancing. It was such a great site.


Here I am with my DH, waiting for the crepes to be served, (yes we made it before they closed) enjoying the sounds from the street behind us and a little Stumptown coffee from Random Order.


Here the girls are using the old time type writer after they ate their crepes. If you want a delicious crepe, try the raspberry Nutella one, sounds a bit weird but amazing! All the way home(45 min) my youngest daughter talked about how she wants an old typewriter…funny… when she has choice of 3 computers, but no, she wants an old type writer.

I apologize for the photos. I used my little pocket camera just cause it was convenient. But I am getting some instructional help with our big canon cameras and hopefully will have better pictures in the near future. I am not holding my breath though.