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Ideas for Organizing Your Crafts w/ Jars

At the beginning of the new year I always want to get my life and home organized but I don’t have a lot of money to spend. So I have been looking at ways to organize by using whats around the house. Here are a few ideas that I am looking at.


Little Birdie Secrets found a great way to organize ribbons with Jars. And who doesn’t have a ton of jars around the house?

Making Memories Blog also found a nice way to organize with large jars. If you shop at Costco or a large warehouse store you may have some of these around the house.

I love these tags on these jars. Aby Garvey from Creative Organizing wrote this guest post on I’m an Organizing Junkie.

I hope these ides help you get get excited about organizing your crafts!

Recycled Paper Christmas Tree

I love it when I can make something that is completely recycled. This little tabletop Christmas tree is one of those projects.

If you have an old book or newspaper laying around that has those lovely yellowed aged pages, this would be the perfect project to use them on.


~Old frozen pizza box or cereal box

~Old newspaper or book

~Glue gun


~Optional – Glitter & Scrapbook supplies

1.Roll your frozen pizza or cereal box into a cone. I glued the edge down and then stapled them at top and bottom to stay.

2. Pull out two pages from a book and fold in half. My pages measured 6X10.

3. Tear the page in half.

4. Lay the two pieces on top of each other and fold in half.

5. Cut into the open side of the papers, making sure not to go all the way through the paper. Then bend the folded side in about a 1/4.

6. Crumple the ends, scrunching all the way down. I made a whole bunch before I started gluing.

7. Starting at the bottom, start hot gluing the paper onto the cone.

8. Continue glue pieces all the way, winding as you go.

9. Finish the end at the top, making sure to cover the cone completely.

10. Make the top of the tree by using another strip of cut paper and rolling it into itself.

11. Add glue to the top and insert inside the hole.

12. Decorate and your done!


DIY Bakers Twine (Perfect for Christmas Wrapping)

I look at a lot of blogs and websites for inspiration and for ideas and I love the look of bakers twine on packages and have just never bought any, due to the fact that I am trying not to buy and trying to use up what I have, thats when I ran across this website – a foothill home companion. She made her own bakers twine and it looks gorgeous!

~Photo Courtesy of a foothill home companion~

For the complete instructions click here. I tried this and it is so simple, I also gave it a try on some 1/4 inch width seam binding and it worked perfectly too.

DIY ~ Add Sparkle to your Gloves

Sequins are so hot right now, especially at this festive time of year. I found this shirt at the goodwill with a band of sequins around the bottom and decided to update a pair of new gloves. So I bought some cheap gloves from Target and made my own sparkly gloves. I love how they turned out and I hope you do too.


~A pair of Gloves/Mittens

~Sequin band of material(you can buy this at a fabric store)

~Sewing Machine

~Needle and Thread

1. Cut a piece of sequin material to the size of the glove opening when its spread open.

2. Using a sewing machine, sew the right sides together, making sure there is enough room to sew without hitting the sequins but also close enough so that the seam is hidden.

3. Using a needle and thread, sew to the inside of the gloves. I used a large bangle bracelet inside the glove so I could sew on the sequin extension. Its very important that the glove be stretched when sewing because the gloves need to stretch open to put them on.

Enjoy as your own or give as a gift!

DIY Altoid Tin/Scrabble Tile Magnet Set

Have you ever wondered what could be done with those Altoid or mint tins you have laying around? Well here is an idea for you. This is a great gift for kids to make for their teachers or even for their friends. Its a fairly easy project. And if you have a lot of Scrabble tiles you can make some great words or sayings.


~Scrabble Tiles

~Magnets(round work best)

~Hot Glue Gun

~Altoid/Mint tin


~Spray adhesive


1. Take your magnets and hot glue them to your scrabble tiles.

2. Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the tin lid & bottom. Using spray adhesive, spray the tin and fit your paper in.

3. Using your spray adhesive, spray on the top of the tin and attach the paper decorations of your choice.

I used a gift label and attached ribbons and scrap material to it to make it pretty. This was a fairly quick project.


DIY – 5 Minute Napkin Wine Bag

This is so simple and fast, under 5 minutes. You can use this for your wine or sparkling cider.

Great way to wrap up the gift of drink this Christmas!

Supplies: Ribbon and Cloth Napkin(I find single cloth napkins at the thrift stores for pennies)

1. Fold the napkin in half, right sides together. 2. Pin the ribbon onto the side, making sure to have the ribbon ends on the inside of the bag. 3. Sew all the way down the bag and around the bottom, leaving the top open.

And there you have it! Super easy and super cheap!

You can stop there or you can take it a step further and use some chalk board paint and do what I did below.

Use a template, oval would be better, but I didn’t have one.

Using chalkboard paint, paint in the template of choice.

Let dry and its ready to write on.

12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ Spool Candle Holder

It has been a busy two weeks for me and I hope it has been for you too! Have you made any of the DIY projects I gave you?

I hope so.

For day 12 I have this cute little spool candle holder.


~Glass Candle Holder (I used ones that the candles had been burned out)

~Paper or Fabric (I used vintage fabric)

~Vintage Large Spools (These are vintage spools)

~Gorilla Glue

~Mod Podge

~Paint & Paint Brush

~Tea Light Candle

1. Take off the paper on each end of the spool and paint whatever color you like, you only need to color the ends.

2. Take your fabric or paper and cut to fit around the middle of the spool. Use Mod Podge to secure.

3. Use Mod Podge to decorate the glass candle holder, cutting and attaching whatever paper or fabric you would like.

4. To attach the glass to the wood you need a bonding agent like Gorilla Glue. You only need a very little, too much and it will foam over the sides.

5. Let dry for two hours and add any other decoration you would like. Add a couple of tea lights and you are done!


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 8 ~ Fabric Clothespins

This is so fun and so easy, but so versatile – You can use these to decorate your Christmas gifts or add a magnet to the back to hold papers on the fridge and the best thing to use these for is to hold chips or other food packages closed. These would make great gifts along with the some of these dish cloths in a coordinating fabric.



~Mod Podge

~Razor blade


1. Take apart your clothespins.

2. Take your Mod Podge and cover your clothespins, lay a piece of fabric over the clothespin and cover again with Mod Podge.

3. When its completely dry and hard, use your razor blade to cut off the excess.

4. Put your clothes pins back together and package.

Or put a small flower on top for a gift tag.

Or attach to a marshmallow bag to keep it closed.


12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 7 ~ Playing Cards Garland

I love this idea and how awesome is this that most people have a deck or two that are missing cards and no longer get play time. This was first seen at Anthropologie and it is so easy to make that I thought I should share this with all of you. Great garland for trees, fireplaces and anywhere you want to hang this.


~Playing Cards (2 decks in two different colors)

~Sewing Machine

~Scissors (Large Circle punch, in which case you wouldn’t need the pen or glass)


~Glass (or circle stencil)

1. Trace your circle onto your card.

2. Cut each circle out of the playing cards. It would be much easier if you had a large circle punch.

3. Sew the cards together using a straight stitch, until all cards are used.

4. Hang it up (I can’t to use this on my tree).