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Can you carrry a coffin on your bicycle?

The bicycle is not only for a person to ride, here in Mozambique its the main form of transportation in some areas. They use them to hall stuff to their houses, to sell in the market and to get families from place to place. In Mocuba, Mozambique they have bicycle taxis. Its really fun to see what and how much they put on their bikes. Here are some photos, they aren’t the best quality because I was always in a car when taking these and sometimes the smashed bugs on the windshield made it difficult to see out of.

This guy is carrying two large bags of charcoal.

Coffin, it seems crazy but pretty amazing at the same time don’t you think?

I have seen up to 4 people on taxi bikes, with little kids on moms laps.

Some sort of plant, not sure.

These sticks are used for roofs, and that is a big bundle.

Yes that is a goat on the front of the bike and he is going to tie the other to the back.

DIY Bunting Flag Canvas Art

I love this idea of bunting flags on canvas but my first attempt was not up to par(as you will see below). I am making this for a my great niece and want it to look superb! So I will try it for a second time, and will not drawing the string on but glue actual string on. If you have a steady hand and a great permanent marker y0u will probably do fine.

This was my inspiration:

Thank you to House Pretty!

Start with a plain canvas and cut out some bunting flags from paper.

Arrange the flags where you want them and then draw a line on the canvas with a pencil.

Mod podge the flags to the canvas using your line as a guide.

Draw a line with a permanent marker.

And your done!

 Its such a cute idea for baby rooms!

Recycled Painted Glass Jars

I love to recycle, hence the name “Recycled Lovelies”, I will admit not everything that I recycle is lovely but I really enjoy how these turned out.

I started by putting stickers on them and than painted them with a glossy paint. Let the paint dry and than peeled off the sticker.

It was that simple! You might want to run an exacto knife around the stickers so the paint doesn’t get pulled off with the sticker.

DIY Paint Chip Cake Bunting

To stick with the theme I figured I would try a little Cake Bunting. I always thought they looked cute on cakes and my girls birthday is coming up so I made this Cake Bunting to see if I would like it and guess what I really do!

What you need:

Paint Chips

Hot Glue


2 Skewers

1. Fold your paint chips in half.

2. Cut connecting triangles out of each section, depending on how many you want.

3. Glue the triangle sections together, leaving a space at the top for the string to go through.

4. String through each color. Tie the string to the skewers and stick in cake.

Pretend this is in a cake! I will post photos of it being used soon.

Toilet Paper Roll Painting – Finished Project

Painting little circles with toilet paper rolls really is an easy way to accessorize any room in your house. I love how this looks. I used a black gloss and than used a grey to add some interesting effects. It kind of blurs when you look at it. Its very strange how using the grey on the outside causes it to do that. I would do this again. All you do is dip the toilet paper roll into the paint and press against the wall. Super simple!

Forgive me – the quality of the photos is not good due to the fact that my wide angle lens is in the states being fixed,

so I am using my point and shoot.


Recycled Book Birthday Chandelier

Its best to recycle when you can but it makes even more sense to recycle when you live in Mozambique and a simple birthday banner costs you $10. I love to recycle and enjoy finding ways to use items, that would normally be destined for the trash, in a new way.

Here is my latest creation and one that we will use over and over.

I used clips tied to string for holding the numbers, that way you could change the numbers for the next birthday.

I even recycled this little egg carton into my flower shape holder!


I am sure you have seen the new Pinterest site, where you essentially go to catalog the things you love. I have not been invited yet so I am still waiting as its in the Invite stage right now, but without being an actual part you can still look through the site and find amazing pages that people have put together. Its so much fun, and a bit addicting to say the least. I stayed up way to late last night looking through the site and wishing I pin some of the itmes myself. Instead I have a bajillion pages open that have items I wish to make or love to look at…. someone stop me!

One of the beautiful pictures you will find on Pinterest.

Well if you haven’t had a look, take a look now and make sure you have some time to actually look cause once you start looking its hard to stop.

Click here to check out Pinterest.

DIY Recycled Paper Roses

We are still packing for our move to Mozambique and our house is a huge mess but I wanted to share this little post with you for DIY Paper Roses.

My niece is getting married in July and I have been enjoying looking at wedding sites and sending her links and I love the ideas she has came up with for her wedding. One of her recent finds was paper roses and she has already started making then. She sent me some photos of what she made and I was totally impressed, I’m hoping I will get to help her make some one day in March before we leave.

If you are interested in trying this project click here for instructions from NeuroCrafts. You can pretty much use any paper you find, from books, magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper, really anything works. Give it a try!

We are Africa Bound!

For those who might not know, our family lived in Mozambique Africa for 3 years back in 2004 – 2007. And it looks like we will get another chance to spend some time in Mozambique again. My husband applied for this job back in July and we were just given an offer last Friday. My husband will be working with a relief aid organization and we are very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. The excitement we all feel is wonderful, but the pain we feel getting ready to leave everyone we love here is very hard. And probably the hardest part is our daughter who is in college, she will come visit but she stays here to study. Our immediate family has never been that far apart before and that’s the most difficult part of this.

As for this blog, it will change some. I don’t know if my readers are interested in Africa, the process of getting ready to leave(did I mention we leave in March?), photos or what I possible can find to make over there. I figure I am going to be there living in the culture, I might as well share it with you all. What do you think?

Just some of the interesting things you will see when in the jungles of Africa.