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Bicycle Basket – Recycling at its Finest

Today was Bike-to-Work-Day and being in right mind and spirit, I decided to ride my bike to work. I did not wake up this morning thinking I would ride my bike to work. In Fact I was planning on going to a few garage sales with my friend before work. But soon after I woke up she text me and let me know that there weren’t many garage sales today.

So while doing my morning ritual, eating breakfast and checking my facebook, I saw where a friend wrote its Bike-to-Work-Day. I thought to myself I would normally not do this, it would mess up my hair, I would get all sweaty, have to wear funky shoes with my work clothes, hmm, how is this going to work?? So I decided to ride my bike since I had an extra hour before I needed to be there and prove to myself it wouldnt be that bad.

Surprisingly it wasnt that bad, in fact it was a fun and fairly easy ride. Im thinking I could do this every so often. In fact it would help get me in better shape and get me outside, enjoying the weather.

When I got to work, I parked my big black 1952 English Raleigh Bicycle in the hall and soon after found that one of my colleagues had made a customized basket for my bike. Nice! Who knew a big box and some zip ties would make such a nice bicycle basket? Recycling at its finest!


T-Shirt Re-vamp

My daughter was getting rid of this black and gray tee that she felt was too big for her, so I decided to see what I could do with it. I found some great tutorials on revamping tees online and looked through them and decided to try one of them.

Here is how I reconstructed my daughters old tee:

  1. Cut off the sleeves.
  2. Cut the neck into a V or U shape.
  3. Cut the back into a V or U shape.
  4. Cut the bottom hem off all the way around the t-shirt.
  5. Cut all the way up both sides.
  6. Starting at the bottom, every two inches up the side, cut into the t-shirt 3 inches, ending at the armpit. Do this on both sides.
  7. After you have all the pieces cut, start tying them together in knots all the way down the shirt. and have some great t-shirt surgery ideas.