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so tired of goodbyes

This last year has had many changes, many ups and downs, many happy times and some not so happy. I turn 40 this year and with being older comes being smarter, or at least that is how it should work. I have lost friends and gained new ones. With changes comes new understanding and this new understanding has shown me that I need to put my efforts toward loving others, and helping those in need.

I read on a blog these words and its always stuck with me, “I was always hesitant to start blogging. After all, it seems a *bit* indulgent and narcissistic.” And maybe this person is right in his thinking, I don’t think so though.  I am so thankful for all of you that do writes blogs, because if there were no blogs, I would have nothing to read and I love reading blogs. I will always follow Evan, from A Nerd Like Me, thanks for the lovely initial basket, I use it all the time, even in Africa. Oh and congrates Evan on the pregnancy, I am totally stoked for you two!  And of course, Joy the Baker, thanks for inviting me to your picnic! And Joy don’t stop creating awesome recipes because even if I can’t create them in Mozambique I can still drool over the photos.

I am tired of goodbyes and don’t want to say goodbye to this blog, but I need to.

I love all you lovelies out there that read this blog.

Thanks for all the link love and comments, they mean more than you know.

You all are stars!



Recycled Bottle Cap Coasters Tutorial

What you need:

Needle and thread


Bottle caps

1. Cut circles out of your material about 2 inches in diameter.

2. Using your needle and thread, pucker the fabric around the bottle cap.

3. Pull the thread tight and knot.

4. Sew 6 fabric covered bottle caps together like a flower.

5. Cut a 5 inch square.

6. Start folding the fabric under the bottle caps, making a hexagon shape.

7. Sew the bottle caps to the hexagon fabric.

And that’s it! You are done!

Now make 3 more and you have a set!

Recycled Bottle Cap Coasters

So some of you tried to guess what I was making, some good ideas too, but no-one got it right …. they are coasters. I got the idea from the pot holders that my hubby brought me back from up north on one of his many trips.

look how cute these are….

Check back tomorrow for the tutorial.

Guess What?

 I’m busy writing stories, editing photos, finishing up Christmas gifts, and creating new ones. I also am trying to fight off these parasites that seem to enjoy using my body for their home.

My husband and I were invited to the Japanese Ambassadors house yesterday to celebrate the Emperor of Japans birthday. There was a full table of lovely looking food and as we stood and listened to the ambassador speak I was checking out the buffet table, excited to try some new food. As the speech was coming to an end and the sushi was being brought out, I was off to find a bathroom. I came back to find the line super long and my husband had not got in line cause he was waiting for me. With my current condition, we thought it best we leave. I did offer to sit and wait while he ate but being the smart man he is, he said “Using the toilet 2 times in one visit to anywhere is acceptable but beyond that it looks suspicious.” So we left and went to the pharmacy for more medicine. I am hopefully on the mend, because we fly back to the states next week.

So on to something not so personal….

Can you guess what these are or what they will become?




DIY Baby Quilt

On my trip through Mozambique I found some beautiful Capalanas. A capalana is a length of material about 2 metres by 1 metre. It can either be used as a wrap-around skirt or can become a baby carrier on the back for ladies.

I am so excited for this, I think it actually turned out ok. I cant wait to finish it.

All I need now is some flannel for the back.

For the tutorial click on this link: Make Your Own Baby Stuff.

Children of Mozambique

I love looking into the sweet children’s faces. We went to places that hardly see cars, let alone white people, so sometimes me looking at them with a camera in hand can be very scary. We were driving on the dirt road way out in Zambezia province, away from all major cities and a group of kids were taking water home and we slowed down in front of them because there was a big hole and we had to take the car slowly over the hole and I assume, they thought we were stopping for them as they dropped their water jugs and fruit they were carrying and took of running. We felt so bad that we scared them but we also laughed at the fact that we are just too white. Here are some of my favorite photos of children that I took.

Can you carrry a coffin on your bicycle?

The bicycle is not only for a person to ride, here in Mozambique its the main form of transportation in some areas. They use them to hall stuff to their houses, to sell in the market and to get families from place to place. In Mocuba, Mozambique they have bicycle taxis. Its really fun to see what and how much they put on their bikes. Here are some photos, they aren’t the best quality because I was always in a car when taking these and sometimes the smashed bugs on the windshield made it difficult to see out of.

This guy is carrying two large bags of charcoal.

Coffin, it seems crazy but pretty amazing at the same time don’t you think?

I have seen up to 4 people on taxi bikes, with little kids on moms laps.

Some sort of plant, not sure.

These sticks are used for roofs, and that is a big bundle.

Yes that is a goat on the front of the bike and he is going to tie the other to the back.

Water Taxi’s and Parasites

Today I woke up very sick, I will leave the details out and let you look up Giardiasis for yourself. Let’s just say I may have slowed down our trip a bit. I have med’s and should be feeling better tomorrow.
In other notes, we took a water taxi across the Inhambane bay. It was a bit rocky and in my current condition, it was not so comfy. I am not a fan of small boats, especially when you see them bailing water out of the boat. I am alive to tell about it and only have to make one more trip back across tomorrow.



Even the Tortoise’s Want to Come in from the Heat

It has been in the 90’s for a couple weeks now, with high humidity. My daughter has 2 pet tortoises and with warmer weather the tortoises start to move about, moving through the yard, up steps and down steps and just yesterday I found one of the tortoises in the pantry. Our house help was hanging clothes on the line and left the door to the kitchen open, the tortoise decided to come on in. Today he was knocking his shell up against the front door. They really are a lot of fun to watch. So I grabbed my camera to get a photo but he was on the move again and this is what I saw. Poor guy was trying to get up the step.

Notice the hole in his shell? Someone drilled a hole in his shell so that he wouldn’t run away.

We don’t tie him up but I could see how he could get away easily if we didn’t have a gated yard.