Play Bingo At Home With Recycled Items

Board games are fun indeed and a great ice-breaker too. However, sometimes these days board games may not always be easy on our pockets. The moment you step a foot into a toy store and bump into a game you fancy buying, you realise that the prices are sky high. You end up panicking and rarely able to pick anything much from the store. But if you are clever enough, you can get handful of recycled items, craft it at home and have as much fun with your family and friends. When asked for a game for a large group of people, the first game that comes to my mind is bingo! The ultimate group game for people of all ages. Here are some clever ways to recycle items at home and have a bingo party!

Make Bingo Balls

The main component in a game of bingo are the bingo balls. Polystyrene balls are a great option. They come in parcels, hence are easy to find. Number these balls with a marker and you are good to go. You can also use plastic bottle caps and use them to mark numbers. If these two also don’t seem much of a good idea, you can take use carton boxes and cut them into round shapes and mark numbers from 1 to 75 or 1 to 90. They may work just well.

Ball Jumblers

As you know ball jumblers too are an intergral part of bingo. There’s always a bingo caller who picks out numbers from the tombola basket. You can use a simple box, make a hand-sized hole to pull out numbers. Easy peasy! You can also use a bag or a hat to do the same.

Bingo Cards

You have to admit they are perhaps the easiest of all. Making your own, nifty thrifty game of bingo couldn’t get any easier. You can take a cardboard or a thick material paper and make your own tickets. Once these are done, give players good markers to daub. You can also use an old CD case which has been lying around unused for quite sometime now. Best part is they can be used over and over. The reusability of a CD case as a card is the best choice.

You can use thrifty items at home or shops and make your own game of bingo. You can also try free bingo online which is and always will be easier on your pockets. All it takes is to think outside the box. Be as unique as you can. You’ll have a fun time.