so tired of goodbyes

This last year has had many changes, many ups and downs, many happy times and some not so happy. I turn 40 this year and with being older comes being smarter, or at least that is how it should work. I have lost friends and gained new ones. With changes comes new understanding and this new understanding has shown me that I need to put my efforts toward loving others, and helping those in need.

I read on a blog these words and its always stuck with me, “I was always hesitant to start blogging. After all, it seems a *bit* indulgent and narcissistic.” And maybe this person is right in his thinking, I don’t think so though.  I am so thankful for all of you that do writes blogs, because if there were no blogs, I would have nothing to read and I love reading blogs. I will always follow Evan, from A Nerd Like Me, thanks for the lovely initial basket, I use it all the time, even in Africa. Oh and congrates Evan on the pregnancy, I am totally stoked for you two!  And of course, Joy the Baker, thanks for inviting me to your picnic! And Joy don’t stop creating awesome recipes because even if I can’t create them in Mozambique I can still drool over the photos.

I am tired of goodbyes and don’t want to say goodbye to this blog, but I need to.

I love all you lovelies out there that read this blog.

Thanks for all the link love and comments, they mean more than you know.

You all are stars!



10 thoughts on “so tired of goodbyes

  1. Carolyn

    Thanks for all of the wonderful reading material. I’ll miss seeing you in my rss feed. Cheers and best wishes on future endeavors.

  2. The Nerd

    I adore you! I’m also quite jealous of the journey you are on and the fact that you look about 25 years old. That’s just ridiculous. Thank you for blogging and inspiring me to create things. 🙂

    P.S. The computer case you made me went to my hippie 11-yr-old niece who loves vintage things. She got the netbook and the case together. She absolutely loves it, but has been told a million times that when she doesn’t want it anymore, it comes back to me. I will always keep and treasure that bag!

  3. The Nerd

    Wait. You’re done blogging?!?!?! How did I miss that sentence? At least we are twitter and facebook friends, so we can keep in touch. Sad day.

  4. sylvia

    so so sad! Your blog is must-read in my day .. your pics and clever ideas are adorable! For now & always, I think you rock! Best & happy wishes, love from Atlanta!

  5. Denise

    i came to this blog very randomly, but have enjoyed the many creative projects you have posted. for purely selfish reasons, i hope the archives for the site aren’t going anywhere soon (still so many things on here that i would like to create!). all the best.

  6. Staci

    I have loved to read and see your adventure’s and I will miss my break from “My World” to see things through your eyes, I have enjoyed your time and effort. Thanks and I look forward to meeting you someday and I even sorta want to cry and I am not even a cryer (Beth’s Friend 🙂

  7. Jean C.

    I too will miss reading your blog. Take care and have a good life! I’ve hated good byes ever since I was a little girl… sniff, sniff…. that’s why my gramma always gave me hankies when we said good bye….

  8. Kelly

    Today is the first day that I’ve visited your blog, and I love it. Crazy timing! How long do you think it will stay up for me to read archives? Best wishes going forward.

  9. Tammy Bowers

    I am so sad!!!! You will be greatly missed. I don’t have time for a lot of blogs, but I always read yours. I’ve even tried some of your craft projects—the super easy ones. I’m still going to check back from time to time in hopes that you get the urge to post an update every few months. I love your Africa pictures and stories.
    Blessings to you!

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