Guess What?

 I’m busy writing stories, editing photos, finishing up Christmas gifts, and creating new ones. I also am trying to fight off these parasites that seem to enjoy using my body for their home.

My husband and I were invited to the Japanese Ambassadors house yesterday to celebrate the Emperor of Japans birthday. There was a full table of lovely looking food and as we stood and listened to the ambassador speak I was checking out the buffet table, excited to try some new food. As the speech was coming to an end and the sushi was being brought out, I was off to find a bathroom. I came back to find the line super long and my husband had not got in line cause he was waiting for me. With my current condition, we thought it best we leave. I did offer to sit and wait while he ate but being the smart man he is, he said “Using the toilet 2 times in one visit to anywhere is acceptable but beyond that it looks suspicious.” So we left and went to the pharmacy for more medicine. I am hopefully on the mend, because we fly back to the states next week.

So on to something not so personal….

Can you guess what these are or what they will become?




5 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Kathy

    Oh Deanna! Hope you are on the mend! I wanted to tell you that the photos from your previous post are amazing! Really sensitive and beautiful.

  2. paula

    I’m guessing they’ll be hot pads (April ’11?). So many neat ideas on your site. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Tammy Bowers

    Oh man, I hope you are better soon. And yeah!!!! You get to come home for Christmas. That is wonderful.

    I am curious, what stories are you writing? That is wonderful. I have a special one for you to read/proof/correct. We can work out the details of that later.

    Are they African buttons?

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