Can you carrry a coffin on your bicycle?

The bicycle is not only for a person to ride, here in Mozambique its the main form of transportation in some areas. They use them to hall stuff to their houses, to sell in the market and to get families from place to place. In Mocuba, Mozambique they have bicycle taxis. Its really fun to see what and how much they put on their bikes. Here are some photos, they aren’t the best quality because I was always in a car when taking these and sometimes the smashed bugs on the windshield made it difficult to see out of.

This guy is carrying two large bags of charcoal.

Coffin, it seems crazy but pretty amazing at the same time don’t you think?

I have seen up to 4 people on taxi bikes, with little kids on moms laps.

Some sort of plant, not sure.

These sticks are used for roofs, and that is a big bundle.

Yes that is a goat on the front of the bike and he is going to tie the other to the back.

2 thoughts on “Can you carrry a coffin on your bicycle?

  1. Amanda C

    That is quite creative! Here in North America I have done some interesting things to carry my belongings to work with me by bixi (bike sharing), including bungie cords and various backpacks. I feel like the pressure is on now, for me to come up with even more creative ideas now.

  2. Tammy Bowers

    Oh those poor goats!

    By the way, not sure if you can watch the Price is Right on line, but you may know one of the contestants and audience members from today’s showing, 12-2-11.


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