Water Taxi’s and Parasites

Today I woke up very sick, I will leave the details out and let you look up Giardiasis for yourself. Let’s just say I may have slowed down our trip a bit. I have med’s and should be feeling better tomorrow.
In other notes, we took a water taxi across the Inhambane bay. It was a bit rocky and in my current condition, it was not so comfy. I am not a fan of small boats, especially when you see them bailing water out of the boat. I am alive to tell about it and only have to make one more trip back across tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Water Taxi’s and Parasites

  1. Tammy Bowers

    That Giardiasis is nothing to mess around with. I pray the meds do their job fully. Well wishes your way. And I agree with ‘The Nerd.’ I love reading about your African adventures. Tell Em I said hi. I miss her and all of you!

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