Even the Tortoise’s Want to Come in from the Heat

It has been in the 90’s for a couple weeks now, with high humidity. My daughter has 2 pet tortoises and with warmer weather the tortoises start to move about, moving through the yard, up steps and down steps and just yesterday I found one of the tortoises in the pantry. Our house help was hanging clothes on the line and left the door to the kitchen open, the tortoise decided to come on in. Today he was knocking his shell up against the front door. They really are a lot of fun to watch. So I grabbed my camera to get a photo but he was on the move again and this is what I saw. Poor guy was trying to get up the step.

Notice the hole in his shell? Someone drilled a hole in his shell so that he wouldn’t run away.

We don’t tie him up but I could see how he could get away easily if we didn’t have a gated yard.

2 thoughts on “Even the Tortoise’s Want to Come in from the Heat

  1. Amber

    Those tortoise ‘tocks are about the cutest thing ever! Definitely worthy of a submission to cuteoverload.com! Interesting about the hole in the shell. Never occurred to me that one would tie a tortoise up.

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