Africa Ornaments Continued….

I have made another 10 Africa shaped Ornaments. I added some bead-bling to some of them and moved the heart to the side over where Mozambique is on the continent. I really like how these ones turned out.

I still have a lot more to make but I’m on my way.

5 thoughts on “Africa Ornaments Continued….

  1. Luci Dutton

    I love this idea and want to make one, or twelve! Can you tell me what template you used and what fabric? Is it raw edged? And how did you attach the hanging cord? Thanks! Can’t wait to get started!

  2. Deanna Post author

    I just hand cut a template of Africa on paper. The fabric is from capalanas, a cotton fabric would work great. I hot glued the hanging cord. Hope that helps!

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