October 27, 2011

I must be Crazy (DIY Recycled Tin Can Wind Chime)

Am I crazy? Yeah I’m probably a little more than crazy. I collect things that I know should be recycled, it bothers me to see them get thrown away. So of course my kitchen is getting filled up with recyclables, in my cupboards, in my pantry, its overflowing, so I have to find ways to use them.

While watching a music video the other day I saw a wind chime made from tin cans. So I tried this idea, painted the cans, put some holes in the cans with hammer and nail and hung them up with scrap material and finally, using a bottle cap for the inside chime, I was done. Its all very simple and I rather like it, although I did get a laugh, but I’m not bothered. Now I can look for ways to improve this.

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October 27, 2011

Chelsea Glancy @ 10:36 am

Is this a picture of your actual wind chime? It doesn’t look painted. But it’s cute Mama.

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