Anthropologie Lamp Shade – A Possible DIY Project

I am still in Kenya, in Nairobi at the moment, hanging with my husband and his colleagues while they check out some urban farming ideas. Because they have work to do; I have been able to spend some time on the internet, which is how I came across these beautiful lampshades.

I saw this first lamp shade when I was looking through Pinterest and from there it took me to Anthropologies website and of course made me think about how I could replicate this at my house. I am excited to try.

Please give this a try and if you do, send me a photo or link to your website so I can see your amazing work!

4 thoughts on “Anthropologie Lamp Shade – A Possible DIY Project

  1. Sunnie

    I tried the clematis shade from Anthro. I like how it came out although I might add some more petals to make it look a little more like their shade. I used burlap because I had a bunch of it.

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