DIY Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse

I saw this:

And I made this:

All you need is: a shirt(t-shirt would even work), a piece of fabric, a ribbon, and a sewing machine.

1. find a shirt and turn it inside out.

2. lay your ribbon down, then cut a piece of fabric big enough to cover your ribbon.

3. pin the piece of fabric over the ribbon.

4. sew on the fabric, making three long stitches, between the ribbon and on each side.

5. cinch and tie and your all done!

13 thoughts on “DIY Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse

  1. Deanna Post author

    Im looking forward to trying it with a tee shirt and making it go up further. I just have to find the right shirt to use. 🙂

  2. Angie

    I saw that yellow shirt in the catalog and loved it! And now I know exactly what to do with this oversized but oh so comfy green shirt I have! Thanks!

  3. Elnora

    It’s so nice of you to share this wonderful, but quick and easy, tip with us! Thanks a mil, and I’m going to Repin it on Pinterest.

    I’ll also start following your blog. Glad I found you.

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  6. SmileyMom

    You could totally use a scarf instead of ribbon! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

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