August 30, 2011

DIY Paint Chip Cake Bunting

To stick with the theme I figured I would try a little Cake Bunting. I always thought they looked cute on cakes and my girls birthday is coming up so I made this Cake Bunting to see if I would like it and guess what I really do!

What you need:

Paint Chips

Hot Glue


2 Skewers

1. Fold your paint chips in half.

2. Cut connecting triangles out of each section, depending on how many you want.

3. Glue the triangle sections together, leaving a space at the top for the string to go through.

4. String through each color. Tie the string to the skewers and stick in cake.

Pretend this is in a cake! I will post photos of it being used soon.

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August 30, 2011

Emma @ 5:20 am

i am so doing this for my birthday party! love this blog so much. you have provided me with so much inspiration lately. thank you! x

Deanna @ 8:45 am

Thank you Emma! Enjoy!

pam @ pamwares @ 9:18 am

these are too cute. I have been noticing so many neat ideas using the paint swatch samples recently. pretty soon home depot and lowes will have guards next to the swatches in the stores. grab them now! have a great day…

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