Toilet Paper Roll Painting – Finished Project

Painting little circles with toilet paper rolls really is an easy way to accessorize any room in your house. I love how this looks. I used a black gloss and than used a grey to add some interesting effects. It kind of blurs when you look at it. Its very strange how using the grey on the outside causes it to do that. I would do this again. All you do is dip the toilet paper roll into the paint and press against the wall. Super simple!

Forgive me – the quality of the photos is not good due to the fact that my wide angle lens is in the states being fixed,

so I am using my point and shoot.


6 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Roll Painting – Finished Project

  1. The Nerd

    You just inspired me to paint some canvases with this pattern! I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what to do forever now. Thank you!

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