Picture Frame Turned Jewelry Organizer

Remember this frame?

When my friend was getting her stuff packed to move to the states she had a lot of things she was getting rid of, lucky for me this gold frame was one of them.

I need a jewelry organizer and when I saw a similar one on a website I decided to give it a try. Its not so easy to find the things you want here, one day you will find what you want and when you go back a couple weeks later for the same thing, they don’t have them anymore. The African way of life is sometimes overwhelming when it comes to finding what you need, so crafting here is usually done with what you have. Thankfully my friend was getting rid of the hooks that I added to the frame to hang the jewelry on.

I would like to paint this white but do not have white paint at the moment, the gold will do for now.

4 thoughts on “Picture Frame Turned Jewelry Organizer

  1. The Nerd

    I think I’m about to make this, since this weekend has been “bedroom makeover weekend.” This would look great over my vintage nightstand, which was actually a vintage bookshelf yesterday. GENIOUS!

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