Knotted Capalana Necklace Tutorial

Finally I have the tutorial for the knotted capalana necklace. Sorry it took so long, its been busy here with trying to get my house in order and helping my friend tear apart hers and get her packed to leave for the states. Capalana’s come in a wide range of designs and colors, but you dont have to use a capalana, you can use any material you would like.

What you need:

1 yd of Capalana(or fabric of choice)

Sewing machine

Marbles, seeds or beads



1. Cut the yard of fabric in a strip 2 inches wide.

2. Sew the right sides together into a tube.

3. Turn the fabric right side out.

4. Make a knot in the middle of the tube.

5. Take a marble and put inside the tube and push it tightly against the knot and knot on the other side of the marble. Continue knotting and adding marbles until you get the desired length of necklace.

6. Finish off the edges by folding them inside and sewing over the ends. If you want to add a little more flare, try hand sewing on a flower.


3 thoughts on “Knotted Capalana Necklace Tutorial

  1. Angie

    You are THE most creative person I know! Thanks for all your help tearing down my house. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you create this summer/winter! Love you

  2. David Kirkpatrick

    Lovely idea!! Two questions: (1) Do the ladies in Mozambique do this?
    2) Where can I buy capalanas in UK?

  3. Deanna Post author

    The ladies here in Mozambique do make these and I am not sure where you could buy capalanas in the UK. But you can use any material for this project. I am sure there are some African store somewhere in the UK that would carry some.

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