Knotted Capalana Necklace

Remember the necklace I was wanting to make out of the capalana material? Well I made it. I didn’t have any beads to use so a friend passed on to me a broken necklace that had larger seeds as beads and told me I could take it apart to use the seeds. So that’s just what I did. I think it turned out so cute. I will be making many more. Still debating if I should sew on some fabric flowers onto one side or not.

Even my house help said she liked it, I will have to make one for her.

I will put a tutorial up next week! This is very simple to make, just a little time consuming.

6 thoughts on “Knotted Capalana Necklace

  1. Deanna Post author

    I think pom poms would be too light and wouldnt pull the necklace down, but you could certainly try it.

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