I am sure you have seen the new Pinterest site, where you essentially go to catalog the things you love. I have not been invited yet so I am still waiting as its in the Invite stage right now, but without being an actual part you can still look through the site and find amazing pages that people have put together. Its so much fun, and a bit addicting to say the least. I stayed up way to late last night looking through the site and wishing I pin some of the itmes myself. Instead I have a bajillion pages open that have items I wish to make or love to look at…. someone stop me!

One of the beautiful pictures you will find on Pinterest.

Well if you haven’t had a look, take a look now and make sure you have some time to actually look cause once you start looking its hard to stop.

Click here to check out Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Amber


    I have a pinterst account and would be happy to send you an invite if you shoot me an email with your email address! I’ve only just started with it, but it is pretty cool.

    I really enjoy your blog, a great source for inspiration!


  2. Deanna Post author

    Thank you so much Amber! I finally received my invitation from Pinterest. Its been so much fun pinning things. I think I am addicted!

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