I Dream of Necklaces

I have been busy, like usual, with trying to get this house in order. I finally have hot water in the kitchen and was hoping that the washing machine would be working by now, but no such luck, but they say tomorrow. Famous last words here – amanha(tomorrow).

I have been actually dreaming of making these necklaces out of capalana material and am so excited to try it out. And when I say dreaming, I actually wake up wondering if what I dreamed would really work. I dream about how to sew them and where to buy stuff, it seems crazy, that’s why you can believe I have.

Similar idea as this, courtesy of craftjuice

My friend actually said I could use her machine while she is gone, she is going to the states to send her oldest off to college and will be gone for 7-9 months. I was all excited to get it last week when another lady said she was wanting to use it first… ok, I can share but I have to say its been a little hard when I have an idea stuck in my head.

Be keeping your eye out for some beautiful necklaces, hopefully in the next week or so, I may even sew them by hand if I get too anxious!

Have a lovely week!


2 thoughts on “I Dream of Necklaces

  1. Sharon

    I’ve purchased some lovely necklaces that were made by African women. The beads are made by rolling recycled magazine pages around something thin, like a toothpick. Have you seen any of this jewelry?

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