Recycled Bottle Cap Hot Pads

My husband went on a trip up north in Mozambique to the Zambezia province and brought back these hot pads. I have never seen anything like this so I am excited to figure out how they are made. He found them at an orphanage. These projects are for mothers who need a way to make money so they show them how to sew and make things to sell. Giving the women a skill that can support the family will change the whole family system, giving them a means to survive. Its a great program and I cant wait to visit and see for myself.

These hot pads are made from bottle caps and material. So ingenious! I love the way they look too. I will hopefully get back to you in the next week with the instructions on how to make them for yourself. This week is filled with getting things fixed around the house and trying to catch up on sleep.

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