Iron’s are Not Supposed to do that!

Electrical stuff here in Mozambique doesn’t work the same as it does in the states. I am not sure if its the power that comes into the house or that things are made differently or both. We have surges quite often and we have to have regulators and surge protectors for our laptops but never thought we would need one for an iron that was made here.

This is what happened after this iron was just plugged in for a few minutes.

And yes the iron was sitting up right, no reason to catch on fire.

I remember thinking that it smelled like smoke and then when my daughter passed the room the iron was in and saw flames shooting out of it, and calmly said “hey guys, there is a fire and im serious”. And I ran out in the hall and said “uh hon you need to get this right away, its a real fire”. The inside of the iron caught on fire, which caught the ironing board on fire. I have never seen anything like it.

A guy who came to fix the stove yesterday, saw this and said(in Portuguese) there is a problem with this iron. Made me laugh.

One thought on “Iron’s are Not Supposed to do that!

  1. Nick Lopez

    Scary! That guy was right! There is something wildly wrong with that iron. Stay safe guys.

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