We Made it to Mozambique… Finally!

We were supposed to arrive on Thursday the 24 and we finally made it here on Saturday the 26. One delay after another made for a very long trip and a very tired family! But we are all safe and sound!! We don’t have internet yet, hopefully by Wednesday, but I will try to keep this blog afloat by taking advantage of friends and using their internet. 🙂

We are getting settled in our house and hoping to find a comfy bed to sleep in sometime today… wish me luck! Everything is very expensive here and so it makes it tough to find something the average person can afford.

Here’s a little snap shot(taken from my ipod) of something I found interesting in the Johannesburg Airport…..

Who wouldn’t want pizza in 3 minutes from a vending machine??

2 thoughts on “We Made it to Mozambique… Finally!

  1. Jean C.

    Vending machine pizza…. sign me up! LoL… good luck moving in. After reading this and the next post… it’s got to get better right?

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