What I am Taking to Africa

Having been to Mozambique before, makes going this time will be a little easier. I know that you can get most everything in country, not always the same quality with some things and better quality with others, but either way we will be fine. I have a few personal items that I can’t leave without, and to each person those personal items would be different so you may not understand why I am taking what I am.

Besides clothes, cameras and computers, these are the personal items that I am taking….

My elephant pot holder given to me by a special friend!

My favorite apron.

And a special basket from the nerd. She surprised me with this, and I use it all the time.

3 thoughts on “What I am Taking to Africa

  1. Robbie

    I love your elephant! Your elephant, apron, and basket set up in your new kitchen will instantly make it feel like home! Take care!

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