Store, Toss, Donate, Take, or Recycle, that is the question!

Im here to tell you that my packing is not getting done as fast as I had hoped. If I would stop playing Angry Birds, I would probably be getting a lot more done, but lets not go down that road.

We are busily trying to decide what to store, what to toss, what to donate, what to take with us and of course what to recycle. Its a hard task. I have been there and know that we can find most things there but also know that a little bit of home makes me feel better, so goes the task of decision making, slowly but surely we will get it done.

Just a few of the cleaner photos from around the box filled house. Oh and a side note, while cleaning out some paper work I came across some plastic cockroaches, scared me at first until I realized they were fake and then it got me to thinking that we will be sharing a home once again with human sized cockroaches, not my favorite part. YIKES!



Pure Confusion

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