DIY ~ Easy Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments ~

Remember that wonderful weekend I got to spend with my sisters and mom? Well part of our time was spent shopping and we got to look at a lot of Christmas decor. I found these pine cone ornaments that were so cute and yet something that could easily be made. I didn’t have any pine cones in my yard but a friend let me scrounge around her yard for some. Most of them were closed so I had to do some prep work, but even that was easy.


~Pine Cones

~Tacky Glue



1. If your pine cones are closed, stick them in the oven at 200 degrees.

2. Keep checking them until they are dry and open up all the way(about 2-3 hrs).

3. Put Tacky glue on each section of the pine cone.

4. Cover completely with glitter.

5. Let them dry completely and add a ribbon.


6 thoughts on “DIY ~ Easy Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments ~

  1. Kelli

    I love the colors you used! I made some glittered pine cones this year and I put them in paper bags to keep the glittery mess to a minimum!

  2. Tanja

    I love your tutorial and would like to type this on my craft blog, if it is ok with you and I will also mention where I got it from on my blog

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