Easy DIY Scrap Wreath

Remember the Yarn Wreath I made for the 12 days of DIY Christmas? I had it hanging on the door and when my daughter came home for Thanksgiving I decided to send it back with her to school. I figured I could make another one, but when I was laying in bed last night I came up with this idea and what better way to get rid of some of your scraps. You could totally do this for anytime of the year. I am excited to make a Valentine one.


~Wreath form(can be foam)

~Fabric Scraps 4″ width

~Fabric Roses

~Hot Glue Gun

1. Start out by using your glue gun to secure the first strip. Wrap around and glue the end.

2. Continue to add strips until it is completely covered.

3. Gather up some fabric roses and hot glue them to the wreath.

4. Hand on your door or favorite wall and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Scrap Wreath

  1. Carla

    hi there! i just came across your blog while googling bracelet ideas, and wow, i think im in love with everything you have made! you do some amazing work, and have given me some fantastic ideas, i am definitely going to give some of it a go and add you too my google reader list! 🙂


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