DIY Altoid Tin/Scrabble Tile Magnet Set

Have you ever wondered what could be done with those Altoid or mint tins you have laying around? Well here is an idea for you. This is a great gift for kids to make for their teachers or even for their friends. Its a fairly easy project. And if you have a lot of Scrabble tiles you can make some great words or sayings.


~Scrabble Tiles

~Magnets(round work best)

~Hot Glue Gun

~Altoid/Mint tin


~Spray adhesive


1. Take your magnets and hot glue them to your scrabble tiles.

2. Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the tin lid & bottom. Using spray adhesive, spray the tin and fit your paper in.

3. Using your spray adhesive, spray on the top of the tin and attach the paper decorations of your choice.

I used a gift label and attached ribbons and scrap material to it to make it pretty. This was a fairly quick project.


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