12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 5 ~ Mod Podge Canvas Art

I have wanted to do this for long time and just never did. But now that I have, I will do this more often, its so much fun and really is a great way to decorate your bare walls. And would make a great gift too!


~Canvas (size of choice)

~Scrapbook Paper (thinner paper is easier to work with)

~Mod Podge

~Embellishments (ribbons, rhinestones, pearls, buttons, etc..)

~Hot Glue Gun

~Razor Blade

1. Cut the paper to big enough so that it wraps around the sides.

2. Using your razor blade and cut the corners diagnolly in towards the corner of the canvas.

3. Cover the entire paper with Mod Podge.

4. Attach the paper to the canvas and completely cover the top with Mod Podge. Let dry.

5. Decorate your canvas with your embellishments using your hot glue gun.


9 thoughts on “12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 5 ~ Mod Podge Canvas Art

  1. Tammy Bowers

    Love it—super cute. I’m totally into scrapbooking, so this is right up my alley. As you know, I am craft—challenged, but I think this is a project I could actually do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lilia Navarro

    love it i was actually thinking if this was possible, but thanks to you, know im on my way to get started on my project. Thanks and keep more of these wonderful ideas. 🙂

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