12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 4 ~ Paperback Ornament

This was not so easy but I was so proud after I got the first one done and then it became easier as I went along. So I will try to explain every step, but don’t get discouraged, just try it again and I am sure it will turn out great! Everything looks better with glitter! By the way ~ it gives it more character when its not quite perfect! ๐Ÿ˜‰


~ Paperback book

~ Glue

~ Spray adhesive

~ Glitter

~ Clothespin

~ Scissors

~ Ribbon

~ Embellishments ofย  your choice

1. Cut the book into 1 inch strips. Now this part is a bit tricky, it would be easy if you have a industrial size paper cutter. I had to use scissors and this book wasn’t huge so I cut a few strips and cut a few more until I got through the whole book, leaving the binding in tact.

2. Take some glue and apply to the binding.

3. Use a clothespin to hold the binding together until the glue dries.

4. You will be using two strips at a time and start by putting glue on the end of the strip and glue to the next two pieces.

5. Then you take the next two strips and fold in half.

6. You can use the clothespin to help keep the strips in piece, its just like having another hand.

7. Continue folding & bending, putting glue on the end of the strips that you bend, not the ones you fold, until your done.

8. Take an all purpose spray adhesive and spray the ornament, then cover with glitter. Do both sides and edges if desired.

9. Take your embellishments and using hot glue or tacky glue, attach them.

10. Once the ornament is completely dry, take a ribbon or some sort of decorative string and attach to the ornament.



4 thoughts on “12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 4 ~ Paperback Ornament

  1. Deanna Post author

    The letters came in a pack of glitter letters that I found last year. But you could totally make them by using a stencil and cutting it out and covering with glue and pouring glitter over it and then letting it dry.

  2. Erin

    Thanks the tutorial. I was looking to make a similar project & yours was the first one I could find with directions! Thank you!

  3. Kelly

    This wasn’t as difficult as it sounded! Thanks for a BEAUTIFUL project that was way fun to make. I will be making a few as gifts and a few for my own tree. (What else can I do with a demolished paper back book?) ๐Ÿ™‚

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