12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 2 ~ Easy Dish Cloths

These easy to make dish clothes turn out so cute that you will want to make some for everyone you know.




Fray Check

Serger or Sewing Machine

1. Cut the dish clothes into 4 equal sections.

2. Cut the fabric to the same size. Putting wrong sides together(right sides facing out) serge around the edges. If you don’t have a serger you can use your sewing machine set to a zig-zag stitch.

3. Use your fray check on the ending stitches to keep them from coming apart.

Now wasn’t that super easy? And what great gifts for newly married couples, baby gifts and anyone who enjoys being in the kitchen! Just wrap up with a few kitchen gadgets and your good to go.


5 thoughts on “12 Days of DIY Christmas ~ Day 2 ~ Easy Dish Cloths

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  2. De'nise Reed

    Thank you for this wonderful idea in which I do plan on using. You’ve inspired me to get started on my home-made gifts which I’ve been putting off. My big hit last year was the fabric ribbon wine and gift bags that
    I had made with the help of my serger. It was quite quick and everyone was impressed with the beautiful ribbon that I had sewn together. Thanks again for inspiring me!
    Denise 😉

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