Recycled Collar Bib Necklace

I have been working on a lot of projects and most are half done, like I have said before, I start something and then stop and then when I go back I start something new, not sure why, but some disconnect in my brain somewhere I am sure. Anyhow I did finish this one but even after finishing it I feel like I need to add something more.

Let me tell you a little about where the materials came from: The half moon material came from a coat that I got from the goodwill. I just seam ripped it apart and took the collar and used the button for the center. The flower is from the jacket and from a silk shirt that I cut apart. And the funky beaded sequin leaf was barely hanging on a tank top. So I put them all together and got this – A beautiful Holiday necklace.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Recycled Collar Bib Necklace

  1. Rachel

    You are so talented! Have you considered selling your creations anywhere in Salem? Or beyond? I think you mentioned a site in Corvallis at one point…anyhow. I love checking in on your blog and seeing what you are up to!

  2. Rachel

    A few thoughts – Bittersweet Boutique on Court Street (she has carried some jewelry items by local artisans), Felicity (near Bush park…can’t remember the street name), Bumbles Boutique (they moved into the basement of the Reed Opera House a few months ago; not sure how business is going or if they are still there). Maybe La Valaise on State? Also, what about approaching some salons and day spas? Your stuff is so cute, I think that with a bit of leg work and some gumption, you could land some placements for sure!

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