Baby Bibs for my New Great Nephew

{ Isn't he a cutey? }

I became a great aunt last week! My nephews wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Thursday and I wanted to make something to take to the hospital. I have all these wonderfully cute ideas for baby girls but baby boys are a bit harder to find cute ideas, so I found this bib tutorial on Offbeat Mama. Mine are obviously different than hers, as I didn’t want to add a ruffle so I left that part out.

{ Frogs and Space - Totally Boy }

8 thoughts on “Baby Bibs for my New Great Nephew

  1. Jean C.

    Congrats Great Auntie!!! Nothing like welcoming a new little sweet person into the world! Hopefully he will look up to you and love you as much as you love him!
    Enjoy…. The bibs turned out cute!

  2. The Nerd

    Very cute bibs. And congratulations!

    I have a dress I want to send you. You can keep it. It is a vintage pale blue cotton night gown that would be a really cute dress with a slip underneath and a belt. It bought it from Blue Birdd Vintage and never even wore it. Would you like it?

  3. The Nerd

    Awesome! I am in the middle of a closet clean-out and just couldn’t bear to send that one to goodwill. I immediately thought of you and knew you would make it special. Prepare for my uber jealousy when I see you wear it, though. 😉

    P.S. I’m sure I already have your address, but would you mind emailing it to me one more time please?

    P.P.S. I still, and always will, adore my bag. I’m constantly bragging about it and every time I look at it I know that it was made by a friend’s hands with love.

  4. The Nerd

    P.P.P.S. (yeah, I just went there) Would you like to write a guest post for me while I’m out of town? I would need it by the 28th and it would go up sometime between the 29th and the 3rd. Something crafty!

  5. Kathleen aka Refashionology

    Hi Deanna,
    Congratulations on becoming a Great-Auntie! He’s so sweet! The bibs you made are adorable, thank you for posting the link to the tutorial. I have a couple co-workers that are both expecting babies soon, and I’ve knitted them each a pair of booties, but wanted something else to go with them. These bibs are perfect!

    Love your blog, I think we’re kindred spirits!

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