Our Visit to Sunny California

The hubb’s family reunion was in Los Angeles, Ca this year so the girls left on Saturday with the Grandparents and we left on Wednesday to meet them. They took a few days to get there and we took the car by its horns and did the quick day trip, 14 hours to be exact! Yes we drive a little fast when we get to Cali due to the 70 speed limit and the super straight roads.

We were able to go to Disneyland/Cal Adventure for the day on Thursday (and yes it really is the happiest place on earth, at least for me), we got to lounge by the pool(much needed rest) and we enjoyed some Mexican food at Mijares in Pasadena. I had some amazing flan and my hubby had some not-so-vegetarian-Menudo. YIKES!

Of course we got to spend time with my the hubb’s family and we enjoyed lots of stories which filled his aunts porch with uproarious laughter. We all had a great time. Our trip home was super quick, much like on the way down, but this time with the whole family. We made some great memories and now we are onto getting my oldest ready for college. This summer just seemed to fly by. Not to mention that my daughter who was just 5 yrs old yesterday is now 18 and leaving the house. How does that even happen?

Well here are the only two photos we took, it’s so sad….but I kept forgetting to bring my camera or I didn’t want to lug it around, those dang cameras are so big and I lost my battery charger for my tiny camera.

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