Goodbye Pete

This has been a crazy summer, crazy busy and I haven’t done very well at keeping up with posts, sorry about that. We still have a pretty busy next few weeks so I will try to do better at adding posts to RL. Thanks for your patience!

Here’s a little of what we have been doing:

In June we bought some chickens, my daughters wanted them and although I was nervous, we thought it would be great idea to have chickens. We found a place that has organic chicks and were on our way home in no time with 3 little chicks. It was so fun to have the little chicks in our house but after a few weeks Penelo-peep started looking a bit different and then one night Penelo-peep started crowing. Of course I was the only one to hear and my youngest didn’t want to believe it was a rooster so we waited and then this last week we noticed that Penelo-Pete(formerly known as Penelo-peep) was crowing a lot and the neighbors were noticing. Hens are fine in the city but roosters are pretty loud and we didn’t want to bother the neighbors. He was the cutest little rooster though so our youngest daughter called grandma, who lives in the country, and asked her if she would take Pete. Thankfully she said she would and now we can see Pete whenever we want.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Pete

  1. Amy

    That same thing happened to us when I was little. Except it was the other way around. Joe became Joeanne.

    Why we named a chicken Joe I will never know. My brother is Joel. What were we thinking?

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