August 2, 2010

Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress Revamped

I had to do it, I know some said not to but I had to. I posted last week about this beautiful Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress I found, I wasn’t sure what I should do with it. Someone left a comment, thank you Michaelann, that if I don’t do anything to it, will I wear it or get use out of it? And thinking about that question I thought, No, I probably would never wear it as is, so I decided to shorten it and take off the sleeves and I love it now. This was the dress I wore to my nieces wedding last Saturday.

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August 2, 2010

Effie @ 12:31 pm

love it! i think you definitely did it justice… great job šŸ™‚

Jean C. @ 12:34 pm

It turned out sooo cute! Hmmmm, now you have me thinking! My old wedding dress is a Gunne Sac dress… of course it’s vintage now…. we got married in 1976! But I may have to do some alterations to maybe wear it again! Funny how if you leave things long enough you find ways to re-use!

Michaelann @ 1:29 pm

Great job, love it!! I am sure you received a lot of compliments on that one!!

Kathy @ 7:58 pm

Nicely done Deanna!

August 3, 2010

Marcy @ 6:26 am

Oh I love it!! I think it looks even better this way!!

Nicole aka Gidget @ 10:14 am

I love it! I want to go find a similar dress and do something similar! šŸ™‚ No use in having a beautiful dress if you won’t wear it….

November 22, 2010

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