DIY: Embellish your Headband

Headband’s are so easy to embellish. All you need is lace, beads, or scrap material. I usually buy my headband’s in packs of 3 or 4 from Target for under a $1 a piece.

What you need:

Headband, scrap material, embellishment of choice, & a hot glue gun.

On this headband I used two pieces of scrap material, one piece of tulle with gold specks and one piece of black material.

Using a wide stitch, gather your material. The black material gradually gets smaller at each end.

After hot gluing the fabric scraps to the headband(usually more to one side), use whatever embellishment you would like. I used this broach, but you can use beads, or earrings with the backs cut off, sparkly fabric, the choice is yours.

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